This is what you mean to me.

Sweet poetry you ravish me with sweet words.

Sweet poetry you cause me to stand up and sing.

Singing the sweetest song there could be.

Poetry you bring the philospher out of me.

The gentlest love begins to flow from me.

Filling me with idioms and tales of spiritual bliss.

Poetry you say to me “Girl keep your head up,and don’t you waste your precious time. Learn to be resilient and you will be fine.”

Poetry I’ll tell you this right now, if anyone doesn’t love thee our love isn’t sound.

You are the golden gates transporting me through time into the Garden of Eden.

Poetry you give me the words I couldn’t say, the visions I couldn’t see and the joy I now have within.

Let these words flow out of me as I learn to live my life as a brilliant poet would write for me.

You remind me of all these things, love, wisdom, and fear.

Poetry, you awaken all of my senses.

A natural sensation flows, shinning light in all the dark places.

Poetry, you birth something in me, teasing it out of me.

You cause me to levitate and proclamate over my fears.

Poetry, teach me to see and open my ears.

Most of all poetry be patent with me.

As I learn to speak and be transformed from your sweet sweet words.

Poetry you’ve seen me through death.

So I’ll never die on you.

poetry, you help me to become clean, sweeping away my infirmities.

Poetry you are the sweet words trickling down from heaven.

Resting upon my tongue like manna sent from the heavens.

Sweet to my lips like honey from a bee.

Poetry you take me straight into heaven, allowing me to see what God intended with me.

Poetry you are more then words I sing, ryms and themes.

So I’ll always be with you.

Poetry you help me to learn and say what’s best.

Poetry, life and death lies in the power of my tongue.

So, poetry stir me up and use me with might.

Bring me before the throne of mercy and shine on me.

Words are poetry and poetry is life.

Poetry I’ll guard you with all of my life.

If words are poetry then I am the light.

The light that shines and the sound reverberating through the mind.



My love for Poetry, this is me explaining poetry at mere best.