Off The Dome Tuesdays

About these posts: What to expect in this section?

Thinking man

{Thinking is the main point of “Off the Dome Tuesday” category }

   Inspired by?

  1.    my own random thoughts that I have
  2.    Conversations that in have previously had with my mother.
  3.    In the future questions and comments from our readers.

  So you can expect all sorts of topics from psychological to religious and down to the color blue. This page can be better summarized as thought joggers. I will include conversations I’ve had with my mother about life Delmas. Reasons for living and the such. 

  Thoughts that I have personally been contemplating on my own and I hope that these post can turn this section into something similar to a chat group, where everyone will feel comfortable enough to share their own personal thoughts.  I can go so far as to make posts about them as well.

  And we can go so far as to make those comments into posts as well.

images for blog posts

Warning this is the thinking section of the Big-contradiction blog. If you’re not inclined to thinking logically or interested in thinking; I hope these post will encourage you to begin indulging yourself into the joys of thinking.

And not only thinking but logically while were at it. Logics’ definition according to Webster is ” a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration.

 With that being clarified I hope everyone reading will begin to start thinking in a more conducive manner. Allowing an open mind willing to think outside of their comfort zones. Placed upon us by our society and our personal upbringings.

imiage of a brain

Our goal is to stimulate the brain in a conducive manner. Not mindless resuscitation of information or regurgitation of information. Whichever way you would like to mince the words.

  Thoughts that our society has rigorously imposed upon us and claims that we are now knowable and smart individuals. I strongly disagree with our societies definition of an educated person. I hope all future readers will at least reconsider their standpoint of what a brilliant mind truly is. And start utilizing their brains properly or at least in a slightly more conducive manner.

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