Prompt Me I Dare You!

This is where I showcase my creativity and some other parts of my inner character.

  I will take prompts that I like from Pinterest and many other places including you my readers. In the comment section, you can let your imaginations run rapid in thinking of prompts for me to run with. 

   They will be short and straight to the point just like a big bang. (fingers crossed) 🙂

  Unless you guys type scream for and an encore of the stories, then and only then will I try to indulge my readers into more in-depth stories based on simple one-sentence prompts.

  So let the games begin and please be slightly easy on me because I love a challenge but I hate to lose. Aint that a Contradiction! So make me struggle but not to much. You know what I’m saying right? I’ve digressed slightly, untile Count 1.


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