Off the Dome Tuesday: Relationships

Relationships are a funny thing, you never really know the true condition of them until your either upset or its to late and their broken.

You can not guess what the other person thinks of your actions. What you may consider a kind remark. Can be interpreted as a cynical remark.

You will also never know the true condition until you ask.

You get this feeling that its time we had a talk, so you muster up the courage to express your self through words and not just thought.

Slowly and diligently you stroll through words and phrases trying not to be poetic but sincere and empathetic. All to make sure that the other truly understands you!

In these moments talking is not the point, its listening.

And as the saying goes, We all probably had this one said to us or said it about another.

“Don’t listen for the purpose of answering, listen to understand.”

Because once you listen properly you most likely wont have anything to say.

The signs of a true listener is silence.

  • Silence while someone is talking.
  • Silence after they are finished.
  • And then silence so that you can think

Silence is the best medicine for a hurting , misunderstood, neglected heart and or relationship.

Silence is a safety net, so that the listener can make sure the speaker has the chance to say all that their heart has wanted to say.

because, remember the purpose is to have a conversation.

A conversation is a give and take.

A push and pull.

Silence cannot last forever, there has to come a time were we speak.

But silence gives us the strength to say the words that are hard to say.

It gives us the time, to let go of unwanted emotions and pains.

Nonetheless we have to talk.

We have to properly communicate, and we have to navigate our minds and learn to negotiate.

In these moments we seek clarification.

Clarifications of what? You may ask.

  1. Clarification of our hearts
  2. clarification of our minds
  3. Clarify our misunderstandings
  4. And most of all to clarify our emotions.

As I stated in the beginning its time we had a talk about this relationship. And how you feel about how I talk, walk, my facial expressions, and my body language and demeanor.

All these things are important, and we read them.

Relationships, some we love some we despise and others we just don’t think will survive.

We take them for granted, we think they should let us slid.

Everyone has feelings and need to be shown some concern.

As Dr.Seuss said “No matter the shape and size” well you can guess the rest but its not really needed here.

No matter the shape and size of the relationship and person we all need silence and thoughtful conversations. Where we can listen and be listened to about how we feel.

Its not mushy,emotional or surreal. It’s a known fact that we just haven’t applied.

Now the question why, well I think we should save that for another time.

This was an
Off the Dome Tuesday Kinda Post. 🙂

I hope this inspires you to take the time to listen and to be listened to.

To show concern so it will be shown back to you. 🙂




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