Pictograph – Ish is where I will take single pictures and turn them into stories. I will start off with ones I have chosen and then ones that you recommend. Pics You can send me and I’ll tell a story or something funny from the picture.

Similar to “Prompt Me I Dare You!” but with no words only pictures. It can be poetry, long or short. It’s your picture and my new prompt so tell me the rules and I’ll be sure to comply.

I’m at your will but please don’t imply the impossible.

Well, why not, it’s not like failure is a bad thing at least we tried.

Once a month on a spectacular day it will be a surprise, so stay tuned in or you might miss the time.

When you can watch me pool through ideas. Now, this is a first come first served kind of deal.

And whatever your number is, is based upon how swift you can hit send.

Because then I will be forced to never renege.  🙂

Get Off The Road Let’s walk down this path together.


Jump off this mountain and run towards our dreams and dance the night away. 🙂

Pictograph-Ish is the Term. And it’s here to stay! 😮

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