Sensations got a hold on Me…..

Brings tears to my eyes

The Sun makes me feel encapsulatedthe sun makes me feel

Makes me crinkle my nose

Uncontrollable arch in my back

Caressing my skin down to my spine and back up again

Causing me to point my toes, a sensation beyond any other sensation my skin and soul has known


This Sun makes me feel lost while being at home

Tripping on words while trying to discuss this attraction I have to the Sun.

Dazed enough to be beguiled to gaze into its core

This Sun makes me feel like what ecstasy may feel.

Everything right, the perfect touch

Gliding up and down my thighs

This is the Sun

Damn near perfect

it’s a shame we can’t always embrace


Every blue moon, I yield to his call

Begging me to stay

Ravishing me in his rays

Causing a cry and internal moan

This sensation’s got a hold on me………

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