When Hearts Ache

It started as a crack

When Hearts break the world crumbles in place

A shattered heart, a mountain tumbles

Her love was fickle; she never stayed her ground

She left The King for many new Suitors

Causing rips and the ground to crumple

The world reflected the Kings Heart.

A constant struggle

Her lovers were never loyal

Leaving her naked and wholly uncovered

Still, The Kings love never wavered

He willingly, let her wonder

“She herself would have to decide”

To never leave and cease the worlds current plunder

A reflection of His grace, The King, and his bride

Hence this world and the putrefaction of this place.

Mountains part and the deep, vast oceans sway

Sweeping land, oh what a punishment of a place

What will remain?

Till the bride seeks Her Kings face

Vowing Her love and abiding in His grace

To love The King

Her Kings love has yet to cease

He’s Kind, Gentle and Meek

Patient, and never loses Peace

A Long Suffering King

Forever Joyful; He Sings

Calling His bride, to his feet

Pleading Her Cause; exuding a pragma kind of Love.

Calling her to amend her past

The King has made a decree

If you love me, come, and let your lovers be

Follow my straight and Narrow path

No longer waiver

Abide in Me and I in you, and I shall direct thy path.

Ode to Joy and Peace

No longer carving valleys, grand canyons, cracks, and crepes.

My Precious Bride;

Come forth so this world can cease its cry!pexels-photo-545960

Now here is my Prompt insperation. Plase feel free to tell me how I did, and also where you would have personally taken the promt.

This story just suddelny came to me as I was on my laptop scrolling through pinterest.




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