Hello, as everyone knows I really enjoy following prompts that I find on Pinterest.

This is a poem that I really like and I hope it moves every one of my readers. 🙂


Kissed her soul.

Hugged bravery down her spine.

Commanded time to unlay its hands.

Pleaded for her to stand.

Spoke of her existence as his core.

“Don’t you dare relinquish my hand.”

Gazzed deep within her eyes.

But all she did was lay.

Refusing to stand.

Abashed, he kissed her hand.

Caressing of her skin.

Throbbing for her heart.

Cupped his hands and rinsed them from his heart.

Mumbled his vows, “Till death do us part”.

Majestic, she stayed.

No longer in existence.

Just a morticians display

Prompt: write a poem in which the reason for the title is unapparent until the end.



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