Love for happiness

Off the dome, Tuesday has been delayed until today. I truly apologize but I tend to be a slight perfectionist when it comes to writing. I have had three things to write about but for the lack of feeling sure about the post and the way to pose the topic. I delayed posting them. Which is in itself against what I said Off the Dome is. Its supposed to be topics that I think about and something that I’ll get back to and write about in further detail. So without further delay on my “Off The Dome Tuesday.


Love For Happiness:


Last week I was talking to my mother about Women and Men and their relationships as always. I and my beloved mother are always talking and this particular time we started on this topic.


She(my mother) was telling me about a young lady that she mentors was no longer going to school for nursing. Since her boyfriend proposed to her. And me being who I am I started in talking how this is a big problem that women have.

We expect and or want for our men/significant other to support us in life. Although this makes no sense to me, that’s not the purpose of me writing this post.  My drive is to help and learn while teaching others how we can strengthen every aspect of our lives.

This particular area hidden in relationships is mainly a dagger that’s murdering relationships. As well as steaming into men and their false sense of masculinity.

Some men think that in order for them to be Men in relationships they have to be the sole provider for their family. No matter the size, struggle, or ease. Women as well help men in this phallus.

Everyone benefits from having assistance in any and all areas of life.

But for some particular reason we as a society, better yet we as a species have “evolved” to the mindset that the male should be the provider for families.

This is strenuous and not necessary.

If you as a woman can not respect your spouse if they are not the sole provider then you have an issue yourself. But that is another topic for another post somewhere down the road were paving.

And if you as a man cannot maintain your self-confidence (manhood) then it was never stable in the first place. Now I am not saying this to point fingers this is just blunt honesty right now.

We all need help in life and that’s kinda part of the reason why we get life partners. But except for this area of adulthood, we think one sex has to bear the burden of provision.

It does not matter the ratio. It’s the want or relieving pressure and helping out.

Letting your wife have a business or maintain her career.

There are plenty of women who juggle tons of things but the joy of relationships you have a helping hand.  But you’re refusing to utilize the other hand.

Haven’t we heard the saying work smarter not harder?

Then why take on tons of work just so that both of you or at least one of you can Feel manly?

I gave these examples to my mother.

Is a King no longer a king that’s reverenced if he delegates work to others?

The answer is no. If everyone is in the proper mindset nothing changes with help its smart efficiency.

God gave you two legs, right?

So why would you only use one?

Its strenuous, unproductive and many more things.

But many people live their lives hopping around with one leg and just occasionally utilizing their other leg for temporary rest.


This is a brief excerpt from our conversation. concluding that it’s efficient and conducive to utilize the pair that you are blessed with having.

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