A Dime Nor A Penny…

A book, for your thoughts.

Glasses, to help you see past your own thoughts.

The image.


Tea represents an unquenchable thirst.

In hopes of increasing your thoughts.

Their value and depth.


Girl, a penny for your thoughts!

They’ll have to bid higher than that.

With the aid of books, you increase that penny stock.

Let them chide “a dime for your thoughts and maybe a nickel for your time.”


As you age like a book it increases your value.

The press only printed one.

Let man search for another copy.

And I dare to say, they won’t find another.


Ooo, guess what?

Mine, was hand mad.

Printed in the South of the Northern American land.


Refined in China.

Aged in Quebec.

Abridged and Trimmed in Thailand.

Revised in Africa’s land.

Stamped with many a places and times.

Never ceasing to critique and develop the width of my spine.


The world is my editorial board.

And if you look at the back of my book I never forget my errata.

Darling I constantly, revise and integrate.

My death shall be my final submission.

As you age so does your spine.

You’ll need a thick spine to command more time.

In exchange for valued thoughts.


Ooh, as they tremble, fingering your nimble spine.

Thumb through your pages.

Taking notes of your footnotes.

Never forget the impact of your pages.


Humph, a penny for your thoughts!

Soon they’ll be no price worthy of your thoughts.

Do increase the value and ensure its a generational wealth.


Not only for your children but everyone.

Imprint your essence on every human being.

Plant it deep in the blood so no one can uproot or diminish its seed.


Circulate, the contents of your message.

Ensure, they cannot judge your book by its cover but by the contents of its pages.

Imply, everything you intended.

Implore, others to conquest Earth and Space.

In the search for more information about our inner and outer space.


“A penny for your thoughts?”

Who was the author of this phrase?

They must not have heard any of our thoughts.

A dime nor a penny for anyone of my thoughts.



Prompt: Write a poem including the objects; a book, glasses, and a cup of tea.

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