Redundancy of Life

Why did I view the world and life as redundant?

When it’s really man who has no adaptability.We have yet to evolve; learn from our past experiences and do otherwise or better.Yet we claim life to be redundant, repetitive and never-changing.

There’s nothing new under the sun, same shit just another toilet kind of bramble.Out of all things to learn from life. As a whole, we picked up “survival of the fittest”.The cruelest, harsher aspects of life. And these we imitate and embrace.Why not recognize and dwell on the kinder walks of life.

History repeats with many of the same foolish schemes.

The desire for world control. In simplicity, there is nothing really wrong with this desire. But with such desire comes great responsibility. Those who aspire to control the world may want to better this place.

Sadly that is not the case, with this aspiration, it seems to only rest upon fools.

Control. Wanting control over every aspect of their subjects lives. survival of the fittest is their mantra for life. So they flex and harden their control. Never stepping back to examine how God controls or whomever you deem to be this worlds creator.

He rules all, but he is not harsh and dictating all. He has a subtle steady hand. Letting life and including man live life, grow and die as they please. No, not man we think that a strong cruel hand is what gives and maintains command.

Fear is only a fraction of the pie’s recipe to maintain power. You also want trust and true love, to ensure lifelong and even after death loyalty.

I personally always say the best way to manipulate and keep someone subjugated under anything or being. Is through sincere and gentle love.

How does a mother or any parent cradle a son?

Have them dependant and never questioning their love?

Always knowing whats best, forming deep relationships where the children will tell them every aspect of their lives.

With this even if they hear or begin to think of you detesting them. They will need outright proof to override the open sincerity that they know you show to them.

But hell no, that’s not what our leaders or even individuals do.


You might find this odd that I think of the best ways to manipulate people. Well, it’s not per say that this is something that I sit around contemplating. It’s a common trend on television, history, and life itself. So with me trying to be an aware person, to my life surroundings. I have to know about common tactics in order to make myself immune to them.

Which is also part of my reason for this being my off the dome topic this Tuesday. I recently found myself thinking about life and how redundant our society is.

Can we please evolve and get over our stupid hangups.

Maybe we enjoy the struggle.

Some say pain and stuff make them feel alive. I beg to differ, this is not the path for me.

Why be nice when we can emulate our lives after a lion and devour our pray on instinct?

I vote nay.  Learn from our surroundings. Even though the lion and other dominating predators are natural superiors, they are not rallying and petitioning to become ruler of every lesser animal.

You do you and I’ll do me.

But man has this serious superiority complex. Dictating and wanting to be subjected to someone else regime.

Let’s look at God. He’s so not cracking the sky and choking us with his hands.

More of a subtle,strong existence. That’s the leaders to imitate.

Then there are a ton of people who have grudges against God or life itself.

I do understand life is hard and it is not what we would call fair.

Reality is that we can not have our cake and eat it too.

We want to be able to do what we want to do. But then we want someone or thing to stop others from doing bad.

Either we have free will or you don’t. You want freedom or you want to be controlled.

And whichever way it is there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

I personally wonder about the people who condemn God or whomever. Because of terrible things that are happened in their lives. Also for things that happen in others lives. yes, these things are tragic, but at the least, everyone has the opportunity to experience unfortunate events in their lives. No one has a get out of life troubles card.

But this topic has gotten way off track, even though this is an exact reiteration of my thoughts. It’s another topic for another rainy day.

This is was an” Off The Dome Tuesday” kind of post and to the least, I hope I stirred your thoughts. No matter where they lie, I hope you at least are thinking about your stand and view in life. Purpose, goals, and beliefs are life’s true sentimentalities.

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