Are we all suffering from feeblemindedness?

The lack of consistency in widely utilizing our brains.

An internal barrier blocking us from extending our existence past our pains.

Into a much needed penetration of our mental stratosphere.

a deeper existence, projecting our outward position, closer to mining space.

Rightfully taping into the center of the galactic universal place.

Waiting for us to create.

Birthing nations of little fates.

optimally stretching our ways.

All in different range, never fully optimizing the use of our brains.

Why do we question our strengths?

Ignoring the obvious proof?

You and I can create a bend in time.

Our brains are suffering from feeblemindedness for the ump-teenth time.

What is the weakness, creeping across the masses.

Blind folding them and forced to pay taxes.

In stealth mode are all of the slave masters.

Lastly, how do we topple our societally placed mes-o-phere?

Literally pushing past our fears.

First we need a helping hand, my dear.

Help us lord ease the fear.

Father bless our ears, to listen to learn, how we clear the fear in our stratos-dome-phere

In 1st Thesellonians 5:14-22 “Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded support the weak, be patient toward all men. See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men. Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Quench not the spirit. Despise not prophesying. Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.”


True weakness is a weak mind. If one cannot change their perspective on life after actively thinking then you need help. Out souring for help and finding answers in other people’s information is how I believe we can keep our grasp on sanity.

“Comfort the feebleminded support the weak” is the spirit behind BigContradiction.blog.

When I am at lost of words to explain myself is the hardest. ASI feel feebleminded, not having the words to describe what hurts or how to include myself in the reconciliation of the pain. Like the headless rider , sensing a head that should be on top my head. They say crazy folks don’t notice the slips in their brains. But where this conclusion comes from, seems strange.

We who claim to still have dominion over expanding the mental compositors of our brains perfectly recollect when our synopsis weren’t properly firing in our brain. We tuck those memories deep inside.

Maybe crazy people just want to be free.

No longer forced to compress themselves in to get a degree.

Lacking the ability to personally rationalize a plan and disquiet the fears.

We all hear voices but which ones do we noose to follow determines our course.

Back to what happens when all your voices turn hollow, forced to swallow tears.

Throat choked up, making it hard to swallow, life reality, this planet as we know it. Feeble-mindedness term originated in Europe, originally compassing mental, educational and social etiquette education standard. Feeble in Latin means Flebilis “lamentable” Literally that is to be wept over”.

True feeblemindedness causes a crying of a river. Weep for those with true tears of sorrow. To howl for another’s wound is necessary. Like a pack of wolves mourning a loss or howling at the moon.

#FreeBritney, freedom to voice their fears. when will we allow the space for humans to bleat about their pains. I too suffer from feeble-mindedness. I need this space as you. When and if you have the desire to end your own life.

First try writing out your pain.

Then search for the right scratching stick, you may not have nothing more than a glitch.

Over analyzing the weight of your life’s decision.Thinking who am I to take up all his existence?

What purpose is this existence, if it doesn’t come with helping hands from the other members. And your right your life doesn’t have to be worthy of saving.

We personally decide though if our life is worth craving.

Second write down what you wanted to happen in life instead of the current curse.

What made this person break away from reality? How didn’t they see it coming? Or change the corse that it was flowing? This life has limited choices but many versions.you cann ot and or are unable to personally rationalize with yourself then you are suffering from feeblemindedness in your health, wealth, mental cognitive space. This disease can hinder personal, spiritual, and your business growth.

Life needs a centered perspective, the things that shape your reality. Once you come of age, your perspective can hopefully start to be determined by you. You cannot arbitrarily reason with the insane without diving into the perspective thats differentiates you.

You can only be a suggestive guide, simulating what you perceive to be the better behavior. someone in hopes of changing their perspective of reality.

And that difference is life-shattering to them because of their perspective.

As the saying goes, “Can you build a bridge and get over it?” Requires a mental labour force. Clocking in around the clock to build that walking bridge, some people need a hand laying the stones.

No one should build their walls alone.

What is reality? Whether we all believe it or not reality is a perception. And a perception is the same as an interpretation of your surroundings. Interpretations are debatable. Your interpretation of your surroundings dictates your reality. An insane persons perception and interpretation abilities are uncentered, Loss of purpose, momentum and force.

Hindering them from rationalizing that they can change their future to anything, by changing their life perspective from a victim to a dictator of the course. Who understands that they cannot control everything that happens in their life but that they can control how they handle and make their life situations better after running into ulterior force. Knowing that happiness is defined on an individual bases, and only you can measure its worth. Giving ears to yourself that needs to grow, adulthood does not mean end of youth. Your childhoods are not your best days, life was put into someone else’s plate. Just a sliver of onion on their hearty plates, piled high from last years meals that they are being forced to swallow.

Whenever you decide, you can be happy.

Meditate on the possibilities of tomorrow.

Even if you walked for miles and miles without ever feeling the hurt that makes you pause when you swallow. 

Simply you are obligated to properly utilize the brain and not allow yourself to stay at rest in a prolonged feeble state.

So, realities debatable then how do we define up from down?


Facts are theories or perspectives that we have questioned and proven true to the best of our abilities. Example the color blue is a pigment, definitions do not change because we decide to change the name. The color blue will not change to orange if we start calling blue orange and vise versa. The same is true with reality, test perspectives to the best of one’s ability then and only then can we move these theories into our self-made category that we consider facts.

In order to move theories into the fact column we have to be willing to one think, then think again and then again in another way. Willingness to change your interpretation which dictates your perspective/ outcome in reality.

That is how we break out of our feeble-mindedness. With this perspective on the perspective, we can change our reality. With the ability to change one’s perspective or reality this gives the control over how we pave our future realities. Which also gives the ability to change one’s future into your very hands. Crazy, depressed, societal rejects,or criminals all feel repressed. Further confinement in a Latin diagnostic category, prison, social economic wealth trap doesn’t opposite of recuperation.

You can perceive your life to be over when fired from your job. Or you can change your perspective on your current reality that your life is over. Or you can take this opportunity and freedom to become independent, or star over and build whatever business or life endeavor you truly desire to have. from the bottom back to the top. Even better than you first thought possible.

Feeble-Mindedness has been a constant struggle for me in my last 3 years of life. But threw it all I have learned that I don’t have to get over problems on my own. I an expand my resources and universe by first acknowledging myself, my voice and needs. I have had independence on my mind, previously declared in my post: Deceleration of Independence 🤗

My purpose is not to condemn or to offend but to encourage and uplift all of my readers and followers as well as myself. I truly have a love for my community and want the world to be a better place for children to grow and adults to heal. I’m a strong believer of self love, meditation prayer and cleansing. Affirmations are needed to remind ourselves that our words are needed.

Remember in the beginning words were spoken, we have to learn to speak. I’m build Contradicting Wealth making humanity better by speaking from where it hurts.

With better people, we will create a better eco system, inclined to better our world. 

Forced to address all the monuments that have been left up for all eyes that see to swallow. Their dignity, humanity and empathetic need for space to be polished. Learn new coping. Mechanisms along the way.

Being was forced to sing with oly deaf ears given for an audience for years, torment of everyone ears. No praise for effort because your voice appears hallow. Hoars from yelling over all the loud auction yard screech. For sale now for hire, at will or independently contracted to be the bitch that swallows. Get up off your knees, afraid fellatio has never been the way to solve your problems.

Reach to yourself and express your need for growth.

Let’s leave behind our feeble-mindedness in 2017 declare independence, seek self-loveHow to Heal Childhood Wounds.

Healing of inner wounds, mending relationships with conversations on Male Masculinity and Relationships. Partaking in each others prosperous wall building. no longer dwelling in false masculinity, never acknowledging the feminine energy within. Overturning our concepts of adulthood, life and living. Let us grow past 2017 and spring into 2018.


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