Unable to think about what my mind has not thought about.

What do you do if you dont naturally question your surroundings?

Anger, I get mad, saddened, and let down when someone brings up a very good topic.

That I have yet to think about.

Why didnt I think about this?

How come, I never thought about this from their perspective?

What blocked or hindered my mind from questioining what I have been taught?





But I do beilve thats the beautfy of humanity.

Forging realationships and interactions to make us whole. Completly challenging each other in our professed “realities”.

Daring one another to break the mold and think outside the box that we were cracked into. From and egg and fried in our parents and societies convictions.

If I alone could think of the millions of world creation variables. Then why need or want companionship?

Relations and family losses its value and vertue.

Nonetheless, my natural first impulse is dissapointment.

Why was I not first to think of what makes the sun feel hot?

So many world questions, I can’t possibly consider and digest them all.

Oh, what beauty is found in mankind.

Showing and communing with each other.

Sparking ideas and creativity in each others eyes.

I and many others would be lost without our fellow man.

This is what makes us human.





All true essesnce of beautiful mankind.


Oh what beaustiful thoughts,concepts and beliefs

At least we think and ponder and scheme.

Searching for something to believe.

Whether its spontanious combustion into this beautiful fine earth.

To a higher, smarter, diligent God. Gracing us all with a mind to think and ponder our existence.


  1. This is so true. There is beauty in accepting that we do not hold all the answers. No man is an island and it is a blessing to learn from each other’s perspectives. Good job Yaselynn!!


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