Waiting on the world to change !

Some wait on the world to change.

Others try to force the world to change.

By going against the grain, standing up for what they believe and condemning those who judge their book by the cover.

And then there’s those who want the world to change.

Internal critiques they are, of the world and those who judge them by their appearances.

They are similar to those who go against the grain of the world. But they have a different tactic of changing people’s biases.

“If the worlds going to judge me off of my appearance and body language. Then I’ll learn what they think is good, and exhibit those qualities.”

Just to lower their guard’s in listening to what I have to say.

I truly respect the bravery of the open revolutionaries. But, you’re easily spotted, and then ostracized.

Now you are limited to whom you will change.

Lots of women say, how they hate having to wear clothes because men can’t keep their eyes and hands to themselves.  And how quickly we get labeled a hoe for wearing revealing clothes.

Yes, I understand that you are not necessarily a hoe or slut for wearing revealing clothes.

But darlings you cant change a definition and history in a day hoes in one day. The main characteristics signs will remain the same they’ll just say you dress like a hoe. and be one exception to the rule

The world and its stigmas have existed centuries before your great-grandmother. And here you are going against the grain.

I understand the desire to be out of the box.

But I haven’t the heart or patients to live life this way.

I applaud those who fearlessly wage the war.

I’ve decided to live my life a little less than great.

I rather play the game. Look inside the box and gravel when they realize that I’m more than my appearance.

I know the world judges books by their covers and why shouldn’t we.

Everyone except those less fortunate have the time to decide on their appearance. Being raised and aware of groups and acceptable fashion and demeanor. Fit the bill, or be confined to misconceptions of you.

I enjoy looking pure and innocent, quiet and having not much of an opinion. But beware once you spark my fire its one hot hell.

Start a conversation and the revolutionary in me become ablaze. I refuse stupidity and just plain ignorance. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but soon the truth comes out. And with a respectable personal it smooths them a bit out.

Fight fire with fire, or bend it back and tarnish their beliefs.

Let them get all choked up and enraged, and softly reply back.

Some wait on the world to change.

Others pave the way.

Then there’s those who gently suggest a change.

Those who play the game.

Get played by the game.

And then who refuse the game’s existence.

I rather play the game then get played, and I dont beat on dead horses.

People change when they want to , very few are oblivious to their wronge. Most indulge in it for what ever reason they see fit.

Like a soft autome breeze.

Tropical hurrican storm.

Then theres the Sun on a rainy day.

God mad seasons and the whether to change. Just like people everone has their season that fits their personality type. Maybe I’ll gow into a tropical storm. I once waited on the world to change. Now I’m in between.

Who knows, in a few years I may rage like Katrina, or even Galveston from 1900 the deadliets hurrican in the American history. But I do know that I’m not wiating on this world to change. What about you? Whats your season and whether condition?

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