Love no more

Love no longer remains, he doesn’t snuggle with me to keep me warm.

Love’s moved out, so love’s no more.

I don’t have tears just because love’s moved on.

I see other people, as my life continues to pass me by.

He suddenly stopped calling my name.

Love no more dwells, within my veins.

He left, on to some other young maiden’s house.

I bid him farewell.

Lovely ,while it lasted.

what a sweet perfume I have in my house, it’s everlasting!

Late night, party memories floating in every room.

Time well spent when loved lived and bloomed.

Love didn’t do me wrong.

Served me well. then walked himself on out my door.

Left the door slightly cracked open.

A silent farewell.

As I dawdled we fell.

I was walking by and then I saw his, hind marching down the drive.

And I went to the door, cracked opened; just enough to pull a draft.

The brown heavy oak door, eased right then left and swung a little open.

A breeze that bid me farewell.

As I stood in the doorway and watched love walk away.

Love no more, He went away.

I’m not mad, he made my day; when he walked away.

It’s not always a bad thing to say goodbye.

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