Please don’t make me fight?

Don’t make me strong from fighting through the night.

Building resistance due to a broken heart.

Don’t make me shed one tear from memories of days spent with you.

I don’t want to be strong. Like everyone else.

I don’t want batttle scars left from fighting you.

Fighting myself to hate you .

Please don’t make me suffer through the pain of loosing love.

Don’t make me angry or scorned.

Most of all don’t leave me lonely after saying you won’t.

If you want to love me only for one night let it be known.

Please don’t let my mind wonder on it’s own.

Give my heart direction and I promise to follow.

Please don’t hold my hand tight tonight as you leave tomorrow.

Don’t lay a hand on my body, mind and soul.

I’m not trying to be that type of strong.

Don’t force me to realize that people lie.

One minute you care, then the next hour your love isn’t there.

Then your a ghost who only has a name.

You must not treat me this way.

To any man who comes my way, I am strong but abandoned love I can not take.

Sympathy, I ask from you this day.