In the Beginning


Good Love

Sweet Love

My Love

Tinder Love

Love, Love and Love

Timeless Love

Diligent Love

Patient Love

Forgiving Love

Love ,Lovely ,Love!

In thee beginning was Love.

Till the end of time Love will love.

Love remembers, Fears, Joys, and Hopes.

Love is Endless, Boundless and Confusion Free.

The world, will end in love where it began.

Good Love?

Filled with Good Love!

Simple and true, I think about love so much it’s becoming the truth .

So conclusive and forthcoming no longer a ghost to me.

Like breathing air, and saying nightly prayers.

Its pulsing in my body like blood I swear.

Confiscated my pains and cleaned up my soul.

When I see couples bearing happiness in their faces and prosperity in the soul.

Families big and small, up and down the place I stare.

I start to dance when I see couples, young or old.

Love is ringing in my head, plucking at my senses to get into formation and find my own love.

Sweet love makes me feel warm.

Dwelling on love.

Swirling in my vains.

Stirs my soul in a fluttery fashion.

Calling me to play.

Jump, twirl and spin.

I paraid around feeling joyous .

And I take a swing at it.

Throwing myself all in.

Love lovely Love not synthetic and confusing.

Mindful Love makes the world spin and continue to fill.

The End is declared from the Beginning.

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