When talking about life, I seem to be in a rush. Rushing forward and thinking of life, a lady asked me what’s the rush in life?

I told her my plans and she asked me why.

Why all the rush to organize my life?

I paused for more then a second trying to find the words to explain my momentum.

I was lost, although lost can be exchanged for dumbfounded or confused.

I never thought efficient planning conveyed to people as a rushed life.

I was silent and slightly bothered by my lack of an instant reply.

Now that the conversation has ended I found my answer and I’ll tell you why.

why I’m rushing to college, to establish a business and buy my first home!

Life is filled with minutes, minutes turn to hours and hours to days.

Days well spent can prepare you for days yet to come. So I try to spend everyday thinking of my past, the present and my future.

The answer came in due time, when I needed it the time came.

It hit me, after two days.

Life is short,shortness is life.

If I don’t do anything life will pass me by.

Time waits for no one, in fact we’re waiting on time.

Time to graduate, time to evolve, time for love and the time to move on.

Everyone in life is unstable and I imagine our lives as sand sifting through God’s hands.

The question is what to do when your in God’s hand?

He took the time to breathe life into you,

So take your time and breathe into your own life.

We struggle with time as it’s very hard to juggle.

I look around and I see ton’s of people fumble.

Fumble with time and their life, laying back thinking I’ve got time.

They will wake up and realize it’s all a lie time isn’t going any place.

It’s me moving through time, an actual force to be reckoned with.

Time is heavy and light. Invisible and visible to the eye.

Relationships were made for time, as time came first marking the beginning of time.

I realized I won’t be first due to time but thanks any way for giving me time.

Time can not be rushed so life’ s all a facade. Imagined by man chopped into days.

Time reminds me of the beauty woven within.

Time defines man playing in God’s little pin.

Never hearing time as it speaks from within.

Funny how time has no sound but we all hear it loud and clear.

Ticking and clicking in the ears, time is so close it’s gotten under our skin.

Like a compass or a clock within, time guides man from the beginning to the end. Times coded into mans DNA, RNA and the heavens alike.

Reminding us to do what’s right.

Time is meant to be used and watched, remember its a force not a physical block.

Some people are unreliable and this is due to time.

Time is the reason why but this truth they refuse to hold.

Hold onto time and ride it like a mad bull as it’s running about.

Understand time is like a bull a force to be found.

Maybe it’s my perspective or it’s reality.

Either way I’m riding the bull.

Exhaustion, I feel it in my bones,and in the heart. When someone tells you what’s the rush, tell them to hush and listen to time ticking.

If they refuse their life will reflect all the time they thought they had.

Time is timed so use it well, there will come a time when we’ll bid it farewell.

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