Real Men Don’t Play

As a young African American Woman I know that my future spouse will be of African decent. I respect and honor Black men’s special ability to love Black Women and respectfully nurture and guide our ascension into grown responsible women.

Real Men don’t play with marriage, love, and children. Around these rules we also have codes of conduct for aligning the everyday boy into the quality characteristics of a healthy grown man.

On the flip-side we have womanhood and our girl code, although I think it’s the best one on the block; all women love to take occasional strolls down manhood. Strictly for educational purposes we are gradually exposed or introduced to the opposite gender, eventually when grown we should have gathered enough information. And with this information we go off to college and enter the wold’s workforce, dating pool and our economical socially fueled World Trade Center we call life.

All the while never disclosing the elephant sized influential puppet of main stream media; distorting the mind, perspective and intentions of our African Men. The dislocation of the marital and societal joint of our African American society is being done today before our very own eyes!

Simply by altering the minds and standards of our upcoming generations, with constant exposure to a steady increase of television standard scenario infused education. Without stopping to reexamine the seemingly banal, derogatory, stereotypical character characteristics has lead us to our current battlefield.

With the current trend of modernization and constant want for a seamless technological integration into the everyday aspects of education. We initiated an uptick in the Doubting Thomas Syndrome throughout our community. Not only does this affect the women it effects our men by highlighting and underlining our men and societal flaws.

Lacking originality, results in our current obvious, boring and repetitive media images. Steadily normalizing abnormal scenarios. Prior to our decent further into what Real Men Don’t Play about we have to examine the originator of such nonsensical, irrational, manipulative behaviors that we find scattered through Black films masked by current slang and issues to increase its authenticity.

As a women who strictly adheres to the girl code of conduct and moral standard for everyone I can see the lackluster behavior trickling through our friends, and family that together make our society. This tidal wave of culture-vulture filled character movie plots won’t necessarily be de-funded, but we as individuals have to make the conscious decision not to watch and pay for such low quality entertainment exchanges.

First I want to discuss and inform my readers specifically on screening their eyes and therefore increasing their personal happiness overall. As my blog and personal mission is to create and facilitate a Contradicting Wealth mindset and embody being a Big Contradiction.

I believe on average the open media portrays black males as shady and borderline psychotic. I can share a list of a few popular Black movies starting from the 1990’s to the present. During this undertaking I will highlight the characteristic flaws I look for in the movie or description before I consent to watching a Romantic, Comedy and Especially drama centered Black/African American film.

I am very well informed on the science and concept behind the impressionability of the human brain. How to influence the unconscious, unguarded minds thinking with subliminal messages is being taught to media minded influencers and is especially known among seasoned cinematographers. These tactics are being taught and perfected to maximize profit margins globally.

I want to delve deeper into how our brain struggles to differentiate between reality and the portrayed reality we call television also know as man’s imagination.

Exactly how we are conscious to guard our children and inform them that reading is a great way to learn information, but not all words written are true. We have to apply this to media as well as the screen we watch for Entertainment.

If someone only ever see’s exaggerated forms of relational discourse,intercourse and conflict resolution skills then he/she has constant cognitive dissonance ringing in their minds. Outside of these shows and into our own personal sitcoms we struggle with re-balancing our lives to reflect the peace we know is possible. Our brains are called super computers, and are quantum computers blueprint for creation. Our brain searches through it’s vast archive of exaggerated or outright blasphemous behavior filled scenarios prior to responding to our normal relationships. Television and exaggerated theater major’s have successfully reprogrammed our minds to adapt and normalize the challenges of problem solving. When relationships should not be this difficult to begin with.

“eMarketer’s forecast, which analyzed current digital media penetration time in the U.S., found that U.S. adults spent an average of seven hours and fifty minutes consuming digital media per day in 2020, up 15 percent—or about 59 minutes—from the six hours and forty-nine minutes they spent consuming digital media in 2019.”

Remember it requires only 30 mins a day to incorporate a new habit, skill, and language into the human skill set. And we take in almost 8 hrs daily of mind altering media not anticipating its effects upon ourselves.

It has worked so well at programming our minds that we finish the movie or show prior to it’s actual catastrophic ending. With perfection, we recall the fictitious events, while forgetting the real details of our meal we just ate and the clothes we still have on. This serves as notification of an A+ student. You have read all the inner character flaws and have tested positive for conflict resolution skills within highly insulting altercations.

If we find ourselves randomly having outbursts of lyrical tunes streaming across our brains at random hours of the day, matching perfectly to our emotions and environment how far fetched is it to conclude your brain applies the same random regurgitation skills from our show’s character’s towards people.

Hampering our ability to make logical sound decisions because in the hight of our emotions we are in fight or flight mode instead of a continuous homeostasis. our brains recap and tap into our fictitious relational encounters. and goes in and swaps ourselves with the main characters and everyone else we watch not the one’s we idealize.

Highlighting a few consistent character qualities within these characters and how the overall movie plot starts and ends questionably. A single female, moved out of her home state to pursue life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with shady female friends who are passive aggressive, manipulative and blinded by jealousy. So the female lead can’t rely upon her friends or family and leans solely upon herself, intuition and or Gut emotions tell her who will make a great husband.

They infiltrate your mind with poor quality characters that were only introduced for the shock affect, then after the female leads hurricane of a relationship ends she starts to examine her actions that made the perfect hurricane. while still picking up the scattered pieces of her life, she is bombarded by a new man. Stereotypical surface level Christian, black, muscular man, with a past of womanizing who has now decided to play the family man because he now sees some benefits in marriage.

Although this man doesn’t poses even half the knowledge required for facilitating and maintaining a happy successful marital family relationship. Because he did not study or train in the knowledge of us,community,for the greater good but he’s well versed in the singular strengths of Me,Myself,and I growth margins. He wasn’t forced to respect the woman but trained to view her and all competent women as his workforce rival. Most grown black people are raised to fight against each other verses rising together.

And this is a good plot for a smart, sexy and witty young African female who has been struggling to mask her daddy insecurity issues. Which the male lead will have to handle for the entirety of the relationship.

A Fall From Grace, Acrimony, The Perfect Guy, Brown Sugar, The Best Man, Girlfriends, Living Single, For Colored Girls, Being Mary Jane and many more fall into this seemingly disgraceful category. Only utilizing creativity in the characteristic aspect of a thousand ways to die, get your heart broken and add on to your trauma. Hardly ever showing a sound, stable and healthy grown woman who takes her time to filter through characters and facades of people prior to engagement, intercourse, marriage or friendship.

I am not saying that these shows have no good aspects but highlighting the normalization of unhealthy behavior and coping mechanisms. Blocking the pathway of people’s ability to properly label these toxic behaviors as manipulative, psychotic and narcissistic.

Below I have included a video to help anyone master self control. And readdress some areas we can work on as Grown Responsible Men and Women to re-focus, anchor our lives and tap into our hidden successful and master all relationships. Real Men don’t play with marriage, love, and children.

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