Asleep I fell while reading.

Tucked my head deep into the distant seas while breathing.

Drifting downstream I turned the page.

Learned World History, Geography and Caligraphy.

Sailed deeper into the ocean waves of wordy debates, debacle’s and life’s take aways.

Discovered the world’s huge circumference and opened Heaven’s gates.

Backstroked through distant lands and Everglades.

Taking thorough notes along the way.

I began to age.

All forms of literature I craved.

Dancing to a linguistic drum.

Gazing into the Rising Sun.

Walked along shore.

Learned to embrace the scattered sand swept in from distant lands.

Ran deeper until my toes collided with the burnt copper sand.

From which God created the original man.

Unfolded dreams and castles.

I was disposed from my beloved homeland.

Our sweet History.

Bewitched, bewildered yet unbothered.

Paused temporarily by a poor proclamation.

On the road torwards emancipation.

No longer weighed down by status, language, or location.

Strong as the African Sun.

A diaspora of God’s people.

living in peace.

One love, one Sun.

Freedom Day has truely just begun.

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