It Is Well

“It is well with my soul”has been my constant self soothing line.

Allowing me to extend a helping hand inwards, fueled by self-love suturing my inner wounds, child-hood trauma’s, and silly flawed self views.

It’s not about how someone someplace has life harder than me. But I learned that hurt is personal and should be handled on an individual need bases.

The same love that I extend to others I have to multiply what I give and set it aside for my own consumption.

Like a secret little cookie fuel-jar for rainy days.

when I feel like my life is drudging slower than a Mississippi mud slide on a hot summer day with no hill for any gravitational pull.

I pray, pray to grow and be filled with new energy.

I simply ask for a trade, I give up my current energy, mood, circumstances and thoughts in exchange for wisdom to create better days.

I learned that children can’t foresee the future. Causing them to panick and sink into emotional circumstantial despair and depression. Signaling to the brain their emotions are eternal unwavering facts. Their undeveloped frontal cortex unable to activate, never sending the right chemical command response initiating their brains rational thinking to generate proper planning. As “proper planning provides progress and prevents poor performance”.

Commanding our working brain to focus and function alongside impulse control allows us to mindfully manage life risks while minimizing stress.

With time we all have to learn to allow our brains to develop and to normalize suddenly remembering or knowing our everyday purpose.

I’m no longer a child so I concluded and decided upon my purpose in life. My unmet potential has to flow. I’ve made my biggest investment and its within myself.

Learning how to balance life and continually grow has launched me upwards with the energy of a sprout.

Being tossed around like a FedEx package with no autonomy to return to sender, we get deployed to our birth destination, nation and family.

I reiterate, life is hard to manage like a hard tossed salad in a bowl with no lid. Juggling life while being a feen for joy, down on our asses we fall. From the ground we have new sight to see the perfect place to scout our next pathway, simultaneously making way for new life to spring forth.

It’s all up to us individually reconnect and maintain connection to our original genetic impulse to fight for life and germination. We all started off as an egg that didn’t just allow random penetration but chose the worthy sperm, allowing implantation of the necessary genetic copulation, immunizing your acceleration and advancement for birth; disrupting life’s suggested natural ranking.

From that moment we all committed ourselves to the fight for further advancement allowing ourselves to be inseminated with truth, energy, good will for others, and the love of life.

I’m learning that we do have the ability to master and reassert ourselves over our oppositions.

somehow we either continue breathing or drown in our own despair. Overcoming through skill and tactics has always been in our nature. We just have to tap in so we can all uncover our inner spark for life.

Every man, woman and child alike knows this pain we call life. Everybody’s got a struggle and needs more air, even when it seems despairingly unfair.

Some say children don’t understand life, but I beg to differ in opinion as they feel and can express pain they just have a limited memory space. Tapping into the natural black hole lodged in the corner of our minds we can willing toss memories away as a conscious, conscience adult. Give your consent to the minimization of things psychological existence, metaphorically crafting black hole’s in your mind. abandoned castles, homes, and rental simply re-listed as a memory dumping zone.

Allowing us the mental space to walk away from past actions, thoughts and life dispositions we no longer want to be associated with. If your really about cleaning your mental space you will build the courage to burn down some of those places you built for storage.

Ensuring you never move back to those dark cramped space. Just because arson is treated like treason and paranoia in the real world doesn’t mean we can’t be in our minds. Judged as crazy, we still set fire to the broken down space. Possibly causing a wildfire effect burning all property zoned for bad thinkiging ways.

Forgetting bad memories, switching off bad genes, creating new pathways in our brains. Demolishing past neurological highways that blocked you from enjoying the real plausibility of creating new life junctions, rerouting your brains neurological synapses pathways. propelling you to move on forward in thought.

Mentally demolishing a house that houses all of your guilt, shame, frustration, anger, hatred, and confusion alongside your adolescent, adult victim mentality. Leaning into depression, poor communication, people doubting and gut wrenching, disgusting emotions that flips the switch to your self-repulsing inner fiesty bitch.

We won’t always know but we can always listen to ourselves to find out what we really need to do for happiness and give it to ourselves happily.

Unfortunately we sometimes forgot our pure forgiving young heart’s true ambition to honestly give, receive high achievements and accolades along the way. Charging and recharging the atmosphere with exciting electric energy fueling the fight.

An endless throttle of forceful, opposition clearing energy that was ready to run barefooted across the hot summer’s pavement. Waiting at life’s starting line, racing against time,nature and blood longing for achievement of our perceived championship place.

“The race isn’t won by the fastest or strongest who plays, but to the one who endures until the end of the race.

Children love life by living from the gut everyday, while adults suppress, breading anxiety and frustration. Conformity shortens our lives existence because it literally removes the sugar from our bitter tea filled glasses.

Children, dogs and cats know about loyalty, love and life. I love how Jesus says that we all have to become like children, as children know their position in life and that is’s that of a learner. Ww may have the regalness required to teach and facilitate the atmosphere of growth our fellow piers life. Teaching each other as we practice godliness we master each other’s garden. Pruning with the eyes of God, we nudge each other and ourselves closer.

Adults, blur the lines asking for life autonomy. Shifting ourselves to the disposition of being morally independent around matters of the heart.

Life’s purpose becomes clear, once we redirect our fears. Never stop playing against your fears and biking up hill.

Against our oppositions we all should lay.

It’s good to have fun and enjoy the rain, sleet and snow of the day.

Sunshine isn’t for ever, just as summer can’t always stay.

Trading happiness with sorrow, mixing in the pursuit of joy for the heart and not being another sucker in life. Loving and liberally giving our very existence.

Either it’s a sorrow of the day or late at night.

Piles of thoughts that we try to out smart.

We swallow, consume, ingest and foolishly assume we’ve properly digested what we have been convinced to view as food.

Swallowing our guilt, we plan to suppress preparing for the next days. Never giving thanks to the Father who strengthens us through the current day.

The very author of our life’s confusion, painfully he stares as we have snatched the stencil from his hands.

Casting shadows of doubt, shading blurry thoughts over his detailed outline.

Sorrowfully, blending the colors we see in the rainbow of life.

Stapling us together, he set his covenant in the sky. Visible to all those with sight across the globe life repeats itself if we get out of its way. Reminding us of his initial authorial rights in Isaiah 58:2 “ Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God.”

As it was man who took the pen out of God’s hand.

As soon as we get to the end of the colorful bend, we see with new eyes that the treasurful gold was lodged within.

Arching across the heavens, casting up our thoughts and prayers ascending to heaven.

We fall down but by his grace we fall not in vain.

The Bible says in Matthew 6:33-34 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for tomorrow for: for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” So who cares about tomorrow when my present is looking grim?

So if we lift our eyes up towards heaven we find our strength in admitting our weaknesses, leaning on His everlasting arm.

He transforms the battery acidic spit.

He relaxes the clenched jaws and fists.

Frightful thoughts waging war in the rafters of our mind.

Haunting the forsaken temple we ourselves want to condemn.

He longs to move himself right in and be our friend. But first we have to make it homey within, we’re instructed in Isaiah 58:4.
Hinting at the reason we can’t get along. “ Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fax as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high…. If thou draw ty soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and the darkness be as the noonday; and the Lord shall guid thee continually and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.”

Sweet sleep, suddenly sweeps over me when I think of these things.

Sorrow’s of the mind, aching the rising chest, lodged betwixt the cracks of our mind, raking the soul’s of its natural light.

Captivated by our quest for inner strength, we have to learn to decipher good fuel. Do we want to run our lives on petroleum,diesel or a clean burning energy source?

torturing our bodies with low quality fuel leads to grief over lost time at the body shop when we should be going for another 200,000 miles before another oil change.

Grieving over lost time, decaying our senses. If we don’t awaken to the time and heighten our social instincts to nurture life.

Reaching lower socially achieving, economically unsupported and misrepresented communities.

Creating positive self narratives, relieving the body of soreness through mindful meditation. Drifting on pillows craft from the sheer fabric we tear from the sky every time we reach for God.

We all have our struggles but to create a symphony worth singing, hearing and adding to is the really beauty in the life we send towards heaven.

Uplifting our parents and generational shame.

Our memorable miniature failures, holding us back from living in the glory of the day.

In reality its all about taking flight, having the courage to leave the ground even when we loose sight.

Everyday we can pray and fast but that won’t remove the obstacles stacked in our way. Our human species has a long list of choices and wrongs to make right and our only hope is to try.

Try to understand each other, live each day thankful and mindfully grateful.

Not just searching for the why behind our grief, uncovering the why we love so deep and care to amend the breach.

Search for a way to make it count every single day.

It’s not easy, I imagine life to be like the word serendipity, “an unexpected pleasant surprise” because we just have to keep going forward to unearth our surprise buried deep in life.

Joy and peace comes are worked for like muscles. Every time we meditate and center ourselves back in love we extend our little happy place to Emily and friends.

Staying a little longer, you bind time to your hand , start winning the battle and conquer the war from within; establishing inner peace.

Winning the battle raving mad we control the world from within , reach inside and giving ourselves that pat on the back or helping hand , separating ourselves into different parts. Like a surgical soul face lift, lifting your heart and expanding its dwelling space.

It’s ok to have a big heart taking up resident and creating a new bigger place.

Learning your body like an instrument to be played in the symphony of life.

Practice makes perfect calling on joy in the midst of strife. Singing for peace, everyday life can be considered sweet.

Our mind is plush fertile ground, we just have to sow the right seeds into the ground.

It is well, It is well with my soul, I just as much as you can quite the noise.

Contrary to popular belief life is a big contradiction but we can be happy in this seemingly dreadful life.

Contradicting Wealth starts from within. It is well, it is well with my soul and all will be fine in due time but it starts from within.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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