Ethereal Chemistry

Please don’t make me.

Don’t make me flex or conform.

Our loves like the Ethiopian rivers, that once ran strong.

Adaptive to the worlds changes, resurfacing our home.

Fighting love burns, and twirls like a raging Sahara desert storm.

Building resistance like any broken hearted man who cries.

Don’t wither my spine causing a delusion of the mind.

Don’t make me shed tears over your unshared intentions and lack of fruition.

When all I ask is that you give energy worth taking. Not mindlessly taking but measuring what it is we’re actually exchanging.

Don’t question my plans, just accept the extended hand.

I yearn to withstand obstacles next to you , but don’t reject my out reached hand towards you.

don’t leave me heartless, heart broke from loveless lies.

Simply going through the motions of existence with lifeless love and goodbye’s.

Cant you? Why won’t you nourish my mind?

I don’t want batttle scars from raging wars.

Fighting myself for loving the war at home, for the heart of the man I sought to make apart of my home.

Lay upon my chest, like an asleep babe, bare heartbeat, chest to chest.

Breath intertwined, in sync, only a few little inches apart from mine.

Tucked arm in arm, standing the test, against obstinate charm.

Cherished, with no intent to harm.

strength is one scary bitch, once I loved you, now resentment has been etched into my arms.

Dismissing the feeling of being used, tossed and frayed.

Bemoaning the applause, retaliating thoughts, distant arms, space, just like that we can be torn apart.

I love you, yes you, I love you through and through.

Accepting flaws and all, total Emerson in each other’s unbiased laws.

And I refuse to go back.

Back to the trenches of the regular dimensions.

Confusion attached to restless ambition.

Don’t make me mention suffering the pain of a lost lover for recognition.

A spouse edifies the existence of a delicate soul worthy of a secret mission.

A voyage to our personal conclusion of life.

I need care, consideration, worshipping and deep articulate, expressive behavior fully comprehensible as a beckon of light; a sweet disposition dispelling horrific thoughts of the night.

Astral projecting, reaching for each other’s transmission of selves.

Soul’s constantly ticking forward, mentally cocked.

Etched and fine toned to perfection.

Deduction for timed, physical reproduction.

Dimensions, are thoughts running into our insecurities, unconventional habits we’re taught.

Intergenerational love, heals all time lapsed wounds hidden with poor love and self views.

purify my body, through any means necessary.

Release me of all built up tension.

Tease me for relinquishment of my mental phobias and family inflicted insecurities.

Colliding physically, to further express our connection through space, time, and life’s multilevel dimensional connections, filling all space with impactful penetration.

It’s acceptable to shed a tear and reveal our anger and scorned little selves.

Most of all don’t leave me without saying and showing I love you my dear was thought.

If and can’t you’re eye’s see me? See, that I want you sworn into my tomorrow knee high no, waist deep.

If you want me only for selfish gain, let it be known.

Lord knows I understand the heart of a broken tailed swallow.

Seeking shelter from the inward, aching, hollow, crumble.

Please don’t let my mind wonder, pave a road filled with laughter and gusts of grandeur.

Give my heart direction and I promise to follow.

Following you so carefully close I’d be scared to swallow.

Swallow the misrepresentation of love, I chocked and grasped for air while gaze,watching your magnificent, breathtaking existence.

Brilliant, opulently radiant toward the goal of being proficient.

Not because you are perfect but because of your steady existence.

Burning and churning away from the belly deep.

Mindfully inserting, insemination of wisdom.

I’m dismissing any negative confusion plaguing our thoughts.

This loves like a blood transfusion.

Susceptible to risks but pretty darn good chances of bouncing back from the initial impact hit.

I’m dismissing that hidden fear of love, to smear across my chest and spill over my ears.,

your a ghost, a simple reflection of me.

Slightly different masculine energy, a new introspection, stirring another perspective, of loving me.

In fact we transcend past infractions, gave room for life’s inflation and rate.

Infatuated with your steady smile not bogged down with applaud of other gowns.

You must treat me with the uttermost sincerity and delicately exploring my proclivity for tongue tiring leisure activities.

To any man who comes my way, I am strong but abandoned love I can not take.

Sympathy, I ask from you this day.

An ethereal chemistry, blooming love is all I will take and reciprocate.

Like psalms 51:10” create in me a new heart, O Yah; and renew a right spirit within me,”

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