What my love, My dearest love?

Question not our bound.

Ardent is my love for you.

what is my love, and who are we?

Shall I continue to speak, detailing my burning love for thee?

Without my love, there is no melody for me to sing.

What my love, is time well spent if not spent with thee?

And what my love is laughter without your delightful, howling banter?

What my love, is riches if not spent with thee?

What my love is life without you here next to me?

Please tell me, what my love does to thee?

Big billows of hickory, hemp, sativa infused smoke.

Whisking through and rapping me like a fitted cloak.

A swiffle, tickling my esophagus, kissing and caressing my temples.

I smell laughter, swaddled in your scent, with light perspiration upon your taught, dewy skin.

A sensation worthy of waiting.

A euphoric amazement, when we paint our love scene in the making.

Like a spine fingering sensation, muscling our anatomical configuration .

whenever my love, you are near I smell, hear and sense your existence, before you approach me, my dear.

Wanderlust filled, flabbergasted with our enchanting exchanges.

Hand minted, carved and delegated for your taking.

Curated for intercourse, and the invasion of all our sanctimonious places.

A divine integration of metabolic,mitochondria cells, forging our cellular proliferation.

Like a self driving force propelling us to unify further down this course.

jumping forward, diving deep, consumed in each other’s pools of love.

Basking in your rays of love, penetrating deep in to my skin.

flipping all of the tables, set to bar us from being entangled.

Let each day be lived in rememberance in heaven and on earth, of the Solemn assembly when God united our souls and blessed our home.

Nothing, no nothing can separate or mitigate his plans.

Whom God brings together not even a clumsy man can alter the plan.

Once united we wont even understand, how our love always existed, even with distance and miles of sand.

yearning for closeness, united we now stand.

Demolishing any hinderance of our newly kindled militia.

Intentionally in-twisted, optimally positioned we stand.

Forcefully resistant to any and every hidden or obvious opposition.

Under the impact of my sweltering love please stand.

Bequeathed forever,pledged with an everlasting bond in every dimension.

Yes, I’m willingly extending my hand, giving you permission to inch closer and closer.

I sensed your hesitant composure, cease fire the war is over.

Let me tell you our love is more than covered, it’s blessed, sanctified and hallowed. Venerated by the man with the ultimate plan.

No, it is not a sin. To touch, caress or french kiss my skin, all of me is given and accepted by thee.

As for me your more than heaven and honey combined, please stand up for me, show me what’s rightfully mine.

I bid thee, to step forward and take your rightful place inside of me.

Take charge, command, and take control of me.Your the caption of my raging sea, again I say place your love deep inside of me.

Stay with me, feel me and breath me in deep, My love only you can awaken me.

I said this once, twice maybe for a forth time, come my love.

Don’t be shy, yearn and feel for me.

Won’t you come inside my dear, tea and coffee, I’ve prepared for years anticipating thee.

Bit by bit I’ve learned to confess that you and only you have the whip appeal.

A tsunami, worth riding, a tide, I’m perfectly delighted and amazed.

collectively we stride, rocking and wading to the rhythm pulsing through our veins.

No molecular breakdown, a notorious feat of time, like the atomic bomb.

We are perfectly timed, like an evening fireworks show.

I feel a knitting of our spines.

Touch, taste, together we can combine.

Ignited by your charismatic warm, cinnamon crisp brown skin.

My senses are always given an undivided attention to your delightful articulate voice.

My skin’s etched with a soft glow.

I’m comfortable and freely giving from the depths of my soul.

love and life is always worth exchanging.

Where do all the broken hearts go? Our hearts shall never know.

Lay down my dear, tuck your head underneath my chine.

Listen to the water flow, like a smooth river sail. Amongst the Lilly pads, over the waters, into the tropics; a new great wonder is our love for all to behold.

Maybe We can grow some gardenias but only if we foster the seeds we’ve already sown.

Behind us are the days, of distant sorrow, my friend, my lover.

Everyday, is our wedding day, my love we are more than we could have known. Venerated as God’s on earth we stand, for everyone to see we are more than flesh and bone.

Shower me in kindness and lots of unsolicited hugs and kisses.

Our souls have been crafted like a distinctive Burberry Mink coat.

my love, I have spent much time trying to explain to you how delightfully smitten I am with you.

From thy chest, say the words only you know best.

You are heaven sent.

What my love our we, to the very least?

Without thee, oh’ what a mess, neither of us could hardly find rest.

Again, what my love is life without thee?

To whom do I belong and where else can my heart be?

It’s forever, No never begrudged against thee.

Rightfully placed betwixt our center , circulating the horizon of the apple of my eyes, the center is where your love hits me.

To whom else can I give this heartfelt mention?

Your hearts held with the purist of intentions!

What my love are you, without my sweet love to uplift thee.?

And what am I without this delightful sensation caused by thee.

Like a bird perched high in a tree, I long to sing this song to thee.

Catabolism, your love catabolizes me.

Catabolism: the process in metabolism, in which larger more complex molecules are broken down within the cell to create smaller simpler molecules. As a result of this breakdown, energy is released so that it may be used or stored for later use.

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