Mocking Jay

I ain’t no hoe, wont catch me poppin my pussy on a stage for a sold out show.

Fake clout, manipulated by a marketing team’s unique theme.

How I honor my temple is truly simple.

I don’t always wear long, loose fitted clothing, falling below my knees.

But I do leave room for the imagination of those who see.

Like seeds I’m sowing my words into the breeze.

Hoping they land on a pair of keen ears.

It’s all love and truly no hate, when I say the stage ain’t the place.

On the stage, we have been fooled into displaying our vivacious vixen ways.

Demonstrating the various forms of foreplay.

The only problem is the stage isn’t the place.

To showcase your stroke game.

Being a public figure requires mending your ways.

All eyes can see your insecurities disguised as overt sexuality.

Your desire to be seen, herd, and felt can be erected without degrading yourself as an open xxx rated R movie scene.

It’s hard redirecting the watching eyes to center on our faces and not on our silhouette frame.

Directing their minds to grasp the depths of our intellectual mental capacity to exchange, banter and conglomerate our own rationalized thoughts into our physical surrounding in life. Can women think and grow rich?

As women we mean business, physicians, architects, teachers, online bloggers, magazine and Forbes CEO’s; with executive women fighting for the throne. To close the gender pay gap they say that it will take work, but women have been slaving for scrapes while others have been tossed their bone.

We all play a Dynamic role in drafting our children’s economic, spiritual and mental reality. By concurring our fears and breaking bearers blocking our families from growing in a truly happy home.

As society forgets some how concluded that when women increase their wealth this decreases their own pay. On the contrary it increases their nations wealth. Wouldn’t you rather have a million dollar home built with your wife or mothers hard earned income, alongside your own? Don’t we all believe two is better than one?

When women demand respect we’re asking for ourselves,our sons and daughters to be handled with the uttermost respect not just ourselves. But somewhere along the ride the banter has started to be changed into women wanting autonomy. No, we need respect just as much as man, society has cloaked us women with a vague feminine obscurity, soft voices, flowery scents and light expectations. They now call it buffoonery, high expectations to not work and simply be kept.

Then block the women who do want to work from doing too much.

We women are heavy hitters, we fight in the heavy weight championships, we sling barbells and extinguish fires just as well. They ask why don’t we do the hard, uncomfortable work like mining, plumbing or fighting wars. We women folk do have the heart to clean the gutters we just can’t stomach the misogyny, rape and sexualization expected of us along the way, so we change paths and decide on easier ways.

I’m more than sure, that the numbers of women in science, math and Architect will increase just as the women flocked to the factories during the world wars when our men weren’t at home. If and only if we are accepted along the way.

We don’t have to wait for another war to signal our strengths and uncover the foolish lines segregating our genders. Yes, men are stronger with the help of higher testosterone, but realize that there is only a few chemicals separating our genders. Technology is coming really close to setting this thing loose.Fueled by people convicted that they need something more to become a white man’s equal.

Although I don’t advocate changing genders, we do need to discuss why groups of people think changing their gender, race and nationality is the solution to their problems.

I don’t know a black, Latino or white woman who doesn’t care about her children or how society views them. There are some women who have been forced into the role of a victim, by words stating that women “are just a warm hole,” or a birthing place given a duty no man would take. And that we belong on our knees beneath a man. And they sadly carry themselves with these words echoing in their heads.

I’ll be a still, strong small voice like the blue mocking jay, bouncing to its own little tune. Women need to hear that the are respected honored and loved, they are worthy of everything they desire. You can learn from past failures and do better than any other woman before you on earth has ever dreamed to aspire.

Be great, smart, sophisticated, wordy and technology minded, make them uncomfortable and cause cognitive dissonance in their small mental space. Stretch their brains and teach them how to extend the race track when it hasn’t been paved. Thinking women are stupid, emotionally unstable, physically unfit and dreadfully careless when mensuration arises.

We woman are not just waiting around for the best sexual reproductive mate, we too dream of concurring the world and ending police brutality, misjudgments within our judicial system.

This isn’t to all of the men who think women ain’t shit, but to the women who know they strive for a happier world for their own.

On every stage our viewers find themselves spooling over our philanthropic, benevolent, and charismatic forms of speech. We as women do more than sing, cook and dance, we are the worlds biggest problem solvers.

We hold the future, rightfully placed upon our backs as we carry the burdens of this life not complaining but vocalized our barriers. Nestled into our lives due to society being ran by an ascension of patriarchally minded men

If ever on a stage, rightfully command the space.

But don’t expose your most valuable place.

I refuse to display my most sacred dance.

As the stage amongst thousands who don’t know you isn’t the time or the place to display your hypnotic waist.

When I’m on stage I command the space by connecting with others by verbally speaking at a steady pace.

Yes love, I love to shake my waist.

But on a stage in front of thousands of strangers ain’t the place.

I hate women being considered just a pretty face, fat or slim ass milkshakes.

When and if I twerk its in my husbands face.

That’s my asses rightful place.

Excuse my tongue, but I’ll never slide down a pole publicly. Not because it’s indecent or my religion forbids me but I know it will compromise my ability to lead others in making judgements off of my appearance in that particular moment.

In the art of seduction we learn the importance of appearance and actions in relationships, and these truths can be applied in every relationship in life. We all eat with our eyes, until we have learned that are eyes can’t see well.

I honor the code of there’s a time and place for everything and those without sin please cast the first stone.

Darling what everyone sees is a girl working for minimum wage, or just twerking for free.

I understand working through insecurities but publicly bringing the bed room out for everyone to see, will only caste your character as a whore or just sexually free. And whoredom does garner publicity but it also leaves you with tones of after-fees’s of guilt, ridicule and a lot’s of shame from undermining your own value.

Once I thought that I couldn’t dance traditionally without invoking the criticism of others.

That women have to be covered from head to toe in order not to be considered a stumbling block for the men. But now that I’m older and have my own eyes I see that blurry is in the eyes of the beholder and that Jesus said that if a man looks upon a women with lust he has already sinned. There’s no fault given to the women in this scenario the problem is with the eyes of the men.

Paul in the Bible is always sighted to have told women to dress themselves in modest apparel, but they left out the context of the verse as the instructions were being told to overly dressed women. Just as he says that he made his speech plain for all to understand and not with big grand words but eloquently, in a modest fashion for all to hear and see and grasp the concept of all that I have is all that I need. True contentment is what we all need. To remember Jesus words to remove the beam out of our own eyes before placing a hand on another’s eyes trying to help them to see.

I agree in trying not to confuse men, but what I can’t take is the double standards between women and men. Some are woven into effect thanks to our European enslavement, but others have been placed by our very own hands. Trying to convince us into thinking that all our dances our socially inappropriate.

What we need is long conversations with the women and men who suffer from these decisions.

A lot of the black community is in an uproar about Cardi B and Lizzo’s constant rump shacking. I truly believe in the power of conversations, in due time we can address what lead Megan the stallion other Thot Shit sound track. As these artists have an immense amount of pressure from contracts, marketing teams and corporations yelling at them to make the numbers stay stuck once they go up. Let us peacefully addressing the root of the matter.

Please help a women out, help her discover her true colors. The first thing we learn is our sexual desirability rank. Forced to finesse in hopes of attaining the halo effect.

Helping each other in reestablishing our societies standards.

I do believe in a time and a place for certain dances, and I also understand European enslavement has sexualized and demoralized our African/Caribbean culture.

The one thing that I know is missing from the United States, even in the midst of June tenth celebrations, is true emancipation known as carnival day. Some just don’t know the heaviness they have come to embrace, understanding that hypertension is a gauge African American killer, suicidal will die down if we can free ourselves who we still have time.

The United States has yet to celebrate freely from state to state a monumental week long parade, rejoicing over the victory that has been proclaimed. Freedom freedom not just another judgement day. Through the streets were our ancestors begged to let their hair hand free, let them praise the lord for being me, energized with excitement from sheer mobility. Because we have been denied true celebration that’s trapped in our bones .

Longing to fill the streets with food, music, African energy and family; spreading the feeling of finally enjoying your existence ,being home with good your home state.

We can’t dance without the fear of being judged and locked out of European or African high-society. If your well learned and educated then you have to relinquish your cultural throne.

In Hawaii they learn young and display their traditional dance and tell the story of their ancestors escaping and fighting for freedom all on a stage.

Respect, love, life and liberty wont be found until you correct the crooked crowns.

Your royal Caribbean, honey tinged brown skin is always giving that pepper light glow and it should never be viewed as a sin.

A stumbling block for all who see you celebrating the victory in your eyes, paved by your ancestors who fight for carnival and spring celebration of life.

The same way we honor the beauty of dancing eagle’s in the sky with their life long partner, we should be in awe and amazement when a couple does bachata, soca, kompa, or Méringue dances with a little twerking as they are only displaying their affection for all to see.

We have a dance for every occasion, but we have to filter it through the lenses of a society that views our children, culture and women as sexual savages.

I believe that we can teach our children the time and the place to dance and hope they understand the power in their bodies when they start to dance.

Truly understand the power of your individuality within your culture, and weigh up the obstacles placed in your way, freedom isn’t earned or lost its given at birth.

Let’s talk about the many ways we hold ourselves to European racist, self hating standards never mentioned in the Bible that they claim to have been following. Let’s say it loud and proud as instructed by James Brown, I’m black and I’m proud, lets do it for the culture and teach each other how to become bolder.

Sing, and sing loud like a mocking jay, you are already free and remember your souls rightful place as Devine feminine or male energy.

Respect is the only thing missing to bring heaven to earth.


Respecting elders

Respecting couples

Respecting life

Even respecting death and those who chose to end their life as there are many forms of suicide.

Treat others as you want to be treated has always been the golden rule and not everyone wants to sign their name at the bottom of he list.

A mocking Jay told me that I ain’t no hoe.

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