Help me learn my place.

Lead me right to heavens gate.

Help me to abound not just live on the ground.

Taking up space making a sound, reverberating deep into outer space.

God I want my place in the stars, you did say you know them all by name.

Not just listed in a holy book, but engraved and hailed on Planet Mars.

Delighting people with your Grace, God is in every place.

Absorb me, whatever it takes , dissolve all of my inner flakes.

Sign your name upon my heart. Lord I’m asking for some grace, this year.

Only you are allowed to use me.

Just launch me into outer space.

Cause me to reflect and bounce like a translucent sound.

Cloud, hovering right next to me, you can be found.

Lord I want to see your face, then I’ll understand why we bow to the ground, in reverence of your presence.

God does truly exist, I’ve seen and felt your warm and tinder kiss upon my face.

Because I long for the day I can bless your holy feet, that hung and bled that day.

Lord this day, your peace I have found within me.

Tossed into my plate, spilling over, its all around me, I now can see.

Smiling faces, no place for clowns.

I heard you clear when you said “Yaselynn don’t you weep, my dear”, as Mary washed your feet that year.

“You will see God’s face my dear, through grace and from glory to glory, through this death, you shall live in me, this year!”

At times I wonder if I’m under a spell the way God speaks to me.

I always feel him near to me, like He told Moses “I am” the other part was “right here” is what he said to me.

Showing us as He walked and parted the Red Sea with them.

God’s grace is smiling down, please fix your face for him.

He loves the cymbals and all the dancing people shouting “Yah has been found, right here!”

Look into the mirror and allow him the space, to heal your eyes, this year.

With his miraculously healing spit infused eye-salve.

Try not to be disgusted, and search for a deeper understanding, this year

He is working it all for your good, this year.

Preformed a miracle right in the midst of the crowd.

Tears must have begun to fall down, but God fixed his crown.

Do you see God and his quick hands, in the midst of the crowd?

Grace is wonderful, I’ve already taking your hand.

Lord as you are, so let it be that we are no longer confounded, now over flowing in your grace we are floating in abundance in this place.

Breaking forth in every directional space, like the new seasons springs forth through the year.

Like honey, hot sauce, oil and vinegar, you know the right mixture to concur our fears.

help came, and gave me understanding this year.

Wiped away the fear of trust, encrusting around our pineal glads, this year.

Allowed our mental capacity to expand, from fear.

Love casts out all fear, this year.

Now I understand why you were walking in the cool of the breeze and riding upon the clouds, with no fear.

At first I saw strikes of lightening and wondered if you were coming near, this year.

you came to solve all of our needs, whatever they may be, this year.

I feel loved, cherished and safe, right here.

Enter and reshape the past, while near.

Now that I’m seeing through a telescopic lens, this year.

Resentment, tried to leave a bitter taste, my dear?

Lost family and friends, this year.

Helped me to establish my home, this year.

Wrapped and sealed me like a statement, this year.

Enclosed, you sent me the sweetest love letters, for years.

Seated right next to you, eating wonderful fruit, this year.

I wonder what comes next, as I move in this year.

With the Sons of thunder, fast like lightning, I’m quickened, this year.

Thanks to God’s grace, I transformed like Robin Hood, this year.

God’s grace colored across my face, it’s clear I’ve found my love, this year.

I can’t wait to say this poem, face to face, with no fear.

Mesmerized by your poetic stride, enthralled by the way your words realign my spine.

Clearly gazing upon your face, amazed by the golden shiny shimmery haze with no fear.

Oh what I sight I’ve been elected to speak, this year.

Turned water into wine, this year.

Please call upon me for questioning, God’s grace can be found this year.

The rolling thunders heard my cry , this year.

His grace is sufficient, every year.

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