Can Do Attitude

Some do what they can.

Others do what they must.

While another does what they want and never leaves the will of God.

Which one are you, can be a daunting thing to swallow.

But, most bitter things make you purge, secrete your insides in order to become hallow.

When you review your life and see the hour hand has past away your youth.

Bitter waters can be made sweet by you.

Longing to sing the blues, we may find ourselves serving food.

Wanting to delegate the news, but received notification from your point of view; “I’m unable to pay for school”, so you hinder your belief halting your ability to move.

Like a new pair of shoes, that changes your mood.

I’ve got good news to whomever and where ever you are. You can turn your life around and create a bigger spark.

Run through your imagined life, feel yourself extend your crumpled wings, as you begin to fly.

You will soar through the clouds and begin to live this life, your life heavenly abound.

Feel the rush of the strong, salty sea winds, tossing your new blown out hair, as you sail around the earths bend.

Flying from coast to coast feeding the homeless in exchange for better cloth, to make new clothes.

So many people are bitter for feeling trapped and seeing themselves as withered.

Feeling mentally and morally denied the right to purse happiness and live in pride.

What has gotten into you , they say, when you refuse to show a smile.

This world’s got me fucked up and I’m changing my course, by fixing my pile.

No need for others to join the ride, because I’m the main power source fueling my steady stride.

Declared next , for a long royal line of executives.

Fought a war and rebelled against my foolish, conceited pride.

Made an illegal u-turn, shifted myself into lower gears, to tread up this hill that I climb; I’ve strengthened my insides.

Taught a young girl the power of self -love.

With me, myself and I in unison we now collide. Marching like the ants on the street, preparing food in the sweltering summers heat, for the cold winter that bites with jagged edged teeth.

How to overcome the war on the inside?

Stirring like a cyclone, mixing the warm summer air, water particles contracting in midair . The water at evenings tide, sometimes looks translucent green, or a deep brown with dots of purple, bleeding red and orange connecting the sun to the ocean looking like a colorful tunnel.

This is how I view our emotions, some do tricks and flips on top the surface.

To dive in and carry the tools set out for healing your emotions, to learn to swim in the deep blue ocean. Doing the work to restore whatever has been broken. Amazed to find as you dive deeper into your subconscious emotions,you will still feel the warmth of the rays as you explore the depths of your ocean.

In deep waters, while you mentally focus on moving the mountains standing themselves inside your ocean.

Some do what they must, others do what others think is best, never considering themselves a mess.

I received a promise to move and gather the pieces of the sand.

“There’s a crab in my sea, no one can catch him so it seems. Yet, I’m the one, yes I’m the one who will catch him just for fun.” One of my favorite nursery rhymes motivates me to change my perspective of this hunt to kill our pride.

Trapped in the hour glass is the sand, just looking bland; but to create beautiful unique sculptures, scattered all throughout the land.

For others to see how high they can ascend, if they just extend their hand, and gather hope from within.

With love guarding your feet there isn’t a place your feet can be beat.

As I reach to extend up my very own hands, I’ll gather every stray piece of sand.

A broomstick can’t be broken with many straws intertwined.

Bent and sticking out of place, torn and scuffled along the way, still I sweep my bikini bottoms bay, because no one else is going to pick up your toys at the end of your day. Throwing tantrums while wanting others to play.

You too can enjoy this fate, doing what you want all while remaining in the faith.

How to silence the waves of the sea, become a captain who’s never lost in the breeze? Being carried at your own volition across the seas; With wine, cheese, bread, and an out stretched hand when you meet your king.

Our coasts are perfect for harvesting meat, we just have to open our eyes and see.

Be exactly who we want to be, forget the things that once weighed us down.

Although the waves are getting deep, my mind is forever free.

Lord let me have this can do attitude, so everyone can die with a piece of my food.

Sweet sleep, and an enormous victory, peace,peace is wound into the golden fabric inside of me.

I’m made with a silk lining, of hand spun silk and strong spiderwebs of golden sheets, made in Gods perfect timing.

Some prefer sheep, or soft badgers fur, others like to be compared to velvet, or Velcro turf. Whatever fabric it is and how much it may cost is determined by you not others passing through.

A pool of wealth lays before me and I dive right in on the count of three.

Called by the King of the sides of the North, given utterance of a foreign tongue.

My Lord, I have never been forsaken just momentarily shaken by the words “well done, my good and faithful servant, well done.”

A can do attitude belongs in all of you.

In this weeks Off The Dome Tuesday post I conclude “I’m my greatest love of all and this love allows me to love others deep.

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