Gimme Got Me😩

A different kind of bug is going around penetrating the depths of people’s minds..

To live beautifully and I touch with the divine is all that we seek.

A vivacious life, is it in the eyes of the beholder when we see?

To appreciate life for what it is, as it is.. Can this be?

Life can feel like a mystery, searching on Bing in 2003.

To possess things big and small.

From seashells to houses, our careers, and future spouses.

Gimme will have you demanding an influx of wealth in things.

Physical and invisible material searching for progression.

Carved and hallowed, perfecting our web, crafted to allow us to expand our collection.

Collecting people, souls, hearts, thoughts, and hidden self-will.

Another year has been spent feeding the gimmie bug with kin, without feeding our true selves within.

Around we have been, to arrive at the yearly weigh-in.

Step on up your time is about to be respun.

To skirt around the edges of your teeth awaiting your grade, life work, paper, or board review.

We’re reloading our ambition into the slingshot projection of next year’s vision.

A premature bonus expectation, while missing last year’s calculated budgeted incisions.

Conflicts and issues re-soiled like a new pot-planted firm in its position.

Fit for the temporary festive occasion, momentarily concerned about meeting this season’s generosity expectations, when giving should be the standard.

If you refuse to give spare change, without hearing jingle bells ringing in your ears, you’ve been bitten by the Gimmie Bug for years.

How do the seasons celebration turn a circus into a festive family occasion?

The Cerebral Palsy of human emotions, affecting your body’s movement and muscle convulsions.

Slaves, Refugees, the Fatherless, the widowed, and the homeless man.

To suddenly adorn them with the likeness of a man shows signs of a penetrated mind.

When do you decide to give someone assistance?

When we gather let it not be in vain, neglecting the scar’s of our hidden emotions.

Betraying one another only hinders humanities promotion.

This year let’s balance our focus, our consumption of mindless, rambunctious stockpiling convulsions.

Emotions are signals to where we can be going, budgeting is only possible in the realm of true composure.

It’s Ludacris, that we weigh in all of our year’s progressions, through physical possessions.

Not talking about the things that really matter throughout the year, then sending letters and gifts signed in love and cheer.

If not around the dinner table, then when will you ever speak about the heavy matters, without escalating to ten?

When family and friends are gathered we should go out and volunteer our services to the masses.

A family that gives together wins together.

Finally getting around to minding our own business, we may find our local news missed a few reports for our location.

This year has taught us all monumental lessons, but what is it that you see varies by the eyes that see and the ears that hear.

Exploration is thumbing through the pages of detailed literature from different ages.

Exhibitions of the Peloponnesian wars, dry, wet, and muddy grounds we fought to maintain the art of war.

Why has man survived through the ages, if this is all that we’re living for?

Gimmie, stoked the fire ablaze while being carried in humanity’s gaze.

As we cross the hemisphere of this earth’s plane, searching for the best points to graze.

Our eyes were watching God, so we can adjust our world’s view to dive into our worlds endless knowledge pools.

Because we welcome, the breeze as we sail across the hardship-scattered seas.

To survive, and to survey the land that can and can’t be dwelt is the duty of a diligent man.

Building reports for those willing to seek.

Leave a thorough account of how high the sun will rise in times peak.

Sun Rise high is where we all seek to be, to see the detail of the depths of the craters in the cracked dirt beneath our lowly feet.

Hover over the percolating droplets on the turbulent surfaced seas.

Magnify the pressure forces calling the water to curl, tremble, and shake at our heed.

Put a name to the invisible forces, attracting man to run and fight with focus and speed.

Talk to the hand holding earth’s compass, we can measure the waters trapped in the earth’s pores, and transfer them to the surface.

Wave to the seas bringing the trash, so we can see the side effects of living carefree.

Pollution, swirling in the depths of our ocean, off putting the effects of our promotions.

when will we be free?

When we learn to see

The details of life are in the eyes of the people we’ve misplaced to build our shrines. Seldomly do we look into the divine eye to see our effects through time.

The gateway of a soul is through the mind, from ants to roosters we all know what we know.

A dog has to watch a roster to learn how to crow.

To go outside, walk Gods green earth, and feel the grass between our toes

Gimme can stir a new grumble in the depths of our earthly tummies.

Appreciation of the warmth of having a faithful sun.

To appreciate the dirt and grass as they foster life through winter, spring and summer’s height?

What all have you been asking of life?

Gimme can be a little bit iffy, conflicting you to choose to listen to the voices beside and inside of you.

Pushing you to give from the depths of the waters waiting to be tapped from deep inside of you.

Gimme can be directed within.

Gimme can turn to give me self- discipline and peace within.

Gimme a shot automatically without playing again!


Gimme got you here and I ain’t thinking shit about you again.

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