Move With Might!

I love all MLK quotes but this one is my personal fav. 😍 It reminds me that we’re energy and God created us to stay in motion.

If he was alive, what else would he have said?
Why hasn’t his energy ceased in movement?

Why not join, and let your energy flow?

It can flow in love.
Or it can flow in hate.
But the words that you say never leave this place.
Just keeping it moving isn’t all that it takes.
To master your fate and leave a legacy, worth taking up space.
We have to be careful with the words that we say.
Criticism fueled by hate is energy someone else has to take.
Martin built a force field but didn’t eradicate the hate.
He took a bullet and lay in his grave.
To allow his energy to exonerate his name.
It’s more than physical with the words that we say.
Our words are spiritual and they never leave this place.
Like proverbs 18:21, we shall have what we say.
Happy MLK Sr., Jr., 3rd and the 4th Day 🤗

It’s a girl but who cares, his legacy still lives on to this day.

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