An Eagle’s Eye

This post is about creating the energy to fight through the misperception of an energy depletion.

Do you ever feel irritably impatient, almost on the verge of an internal implode?

Or have you felt the energy of your desires piling up inside of you as you anticipate its relief?

Like watching the clock, during the last 30 minutes of a bad day of a busy work week. Our energy can alway be felt, piling inside of us. Sadly most people are ignoring the signs, suffering from the consequences of malnourished energy within.

We all have failed in utilizing our senses. By grabbing the wrong source or not watching what we see. Causing energy to leave and but not watching what’s coming within. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so wash your eyes before you look to see.

Energy is all around but do you see food or trash within and without when we see?

Needle Eye When I See:

I’m currently sitting at a wooden table, anticipating being done. I utilized the energy of a strong, solid wooden table to steady me.

I had to take notice of my tightening core, my rising awareness of time and my imaginary expectations from the people around me. Hearing voices and wanting to be pleased with my words will cause me to attract anxious energy to fuel me.

With an eagles eye, I took notice of my energy. But with the Eye of a Needle I switched my energies source that was fueling me. I Found beauty in anothers steady energy.

Asked it to flow with me, can I utilize your calm energy ? Will you show me how to exhibit your steady flow ? I’ll add it to my mental consciousness to keep myself a float. Let me have a part of your internal energy flow.

This can be applied to dogs or people, places and time.

Keeping A-Flow:

I could have been annoyed by the calmness of the wood. Angered that it was unfazed by the cloudy anxious energy in me. It was Undaunted by the last students plead to study quickly. Or the Anger of the waiter cleaning the spilled coffee on its surface top. Just being steady and sure of its usefulness in its own place like a rock.

This Off the Dome Tuesday post will help you not just recenter your energy, but to tap in to another source. Like how God mentioned to man, “if man never praises him again even the rocks will cry out.”

This means not even God is stuck on one source of energy. Yes he made man for him but if man doesn’t give themselves to him he moves on to fulfill his need.

That’s the kind of energy harvesting I’m practicing. During my meditation I refocus myself on the beautiful existence of air. How strong, yet gentle it is. Calming reminder of the gentleness of life or an infuriating signal of Gods unspoken wrath. I want to be just like this air. Coolly flowing into my lungs, with the perfect amount of pressure making it’s way slowly to the blood. Who knows air may hate touching our tongue but still rides it down to our lungs steady seeking its purpose. Circulating with a peaceful steady flow. Steadily and efficiently I flow through the lungs.

Lastly I ask myself to embody that fluidity, not forcing myself to be yet applying pressure to transition my energies flow.

Take the time to notice your different triggers, that pull from your energy core. What are your conflicts that feed this piling throbbing energy?

Realization of your energy is step one to mastering your energy flow.This o

My last post about Martin Luther King jr inspired me to write about my personal energy renewal growth. How we all should know the importance of our words. Why our words live on even when we die.

“If I can’t fly- I’ll Run.

If I can’t run-I’ll walk.

If I can’t walk – I’ll crawl.

But whatever I do I have to keep moving” towards the sun.

Because man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” He has spoken everything into existence for food for me. Yes, even death listens to me, answers my call to give what belongs to me.

Dear Death,

Take this fear, and take my anxious mind from me. Capture the lies in me. Give back time to me and give e space to be free.

Take my failures because I’m training them for peace.

Dear death, please take what no longer belongs to me.

Give me my breath, as I have been set free.

I’m learning to alternate and eliminate my energy resources accordingly to my desired outcome.

All energy belongs to me and everything I need has been created for me. All that is has already been.

Energy can’t be created or destroyed.

Only dissipated or transformed.

Collected or adorned.

With an eagles Eye all have be shown.

The breath of man is his energy flow.

I hope this Off The Dome Tuesday post “ An Eagle’s Eye” helps you learn about your personal energy flow.


Leave a comment if you think its wild to tap into wood for calmness. Share this post if it makes you want to grow or do nothing and sit with it resting on your dome.

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