A Table For Two

So what, life’s a mystery, this I always knew.

I sat down alone and I arose with you.

I breath out so, you can breath my essence within.

Heaven must have a scent, because I smell it all over you.

Sniffing in your savory smell, has me praising the God within you.

Only God knew I would be amused by every part of you.

As I sit in the grass I meditate on the thought of you… feeling my hand caressed by you.

Next was a pleasurable pressure, I’m arosed by you.

I turn around to feel your hand on my spine.

Up they climb, gripping firmly at the nape of my mind.

With precision you hit every spot that I’ve missed over time.

Your kisses arrested me softly, I shake at the thought of you.

Forward I turn to enter into a steady gaze with you. With fluid hands I glide slowly around you.

I’m a biter so I nibble on you.

The galaxies and stars yield to the force inside of you.

Our collision is similar to a catalyst collision.

I’ll keep a steady pace with you.

This love is like the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

We slip and slide, like eagles we sore sky high …..kaboom!

We always knew love would take us to new heights.

But who knew we’d be like eagles and mate for life.

No room for imposters, I can sense the blessed truth.

The truth is I already love you.

That’s why I sat down alone at this table set for two.

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