Heavens Breath

Heavens breath was bottled and sent to me.

Locked in a vessel only meant for thee.

Assigned to carry the treasures in me.

Gifted like Halloween, tricks and treats for those who out-stick their hands to thee.

For those strong enough to tap into your golden canteen, it’s truly a treasure hidden in thee.

Sometimes you were tossed and mishandled by lesser beings.

Used as a holster for those perceived as finer things.

You became a resting place for jewelry tossed away at sea.

A collector of rejected and misplaced things.

To those who have eyes, oh let them see.

See that you are a tricky being, reflecting all the sun’s light so others can see.

With blinded eyes they try to glean, but your gems are well fastened and buried deep.

To the least they’ll see your built to outwit their misuse.

They’ll see that heaven gave it’s breath away when it made you.

Well packaged and adorned in lavish speckles of fine stones.

With a swivle in your axes, your built to sustain disastrous catastrophes before they even happen.

Bon Voyage, as you saile accross this trotted globe.

From sea to sea, all they see is gold.

Your truly a piece of treasure plucked from the masters throne.

Chocolate swirls, and golden hues around your satin pearls.

A timeless piece of decore.

Diamond eyes that pierce to the core.

Heavens breath is billowing and carrying you like a hidden throne.

Your the reason others stay and call earth home.

They pray for heaven to send a duplicate soul.

Each day with you, I see what heaven must be missing.

By sending you here I’m filled with kisses.

Your a breath of air sent from heaven, blowing the blues away.

I love having you here, your a heavenly pile of kisses.

And again I love having you here.

This is my love poem to me and I hope it makes you feel fierce.

Today I wanted to love myself first. I’ve written self addressed love letters but never a love poem. Today is the day that I’ve written about myself.

I love flowers and the ocean a ton but they can’t compare to the pounds of emotions I feel for myself. I hope everyone learns to love themselves like a lover.

Not hidden but out in the open for all to uncover.

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