Perfect Beauty:Kintsugi

Withered,Worn, and Torn.

Open, tossed, and then sold after being bought.

Perfect beauty’s hard to spot with the eye of man.

Time, leverage and opportunities lost.

Living with the thoughts of never being caught.

Never being understood because I’m just used to being used.

Do you ever see a person like an apple in a tree?

Wanting to climb to the top of the tree, pluck the best apple and wrap it into a pie for thee.

As the apple that’s delightfully sweet, it hurts to be eaten when you wanted to be free.

Wanted to bloom and wither in the sun, because you made the decision to gather all your love to store it inside for your future apple tree.

But then along came the consuming farmer determined to make a meal out of me.

Nourished me up from a seed, only to be consumed oh what a terrible dream.

Does my beautiful fruit call out “come pick me?”

Waiting to be crushed and rolled around by the tip of your tongue.

Plucked at the finest season to be enjoyed by you.

No, people are not like fruit trees waiting for spring and late summers glean.

I once felt it was a waste to not capture a beautiful sunset. But now I think it’s unfaithful to beg it to stay.

I want to let the sun be and trust that it will display another beautiful sunset for me.

No need to hold on to the physical image but trusting my brain and body to resurface the emotions.

I’ll revisit every convulsion, life is but a dream reminding me of life’s ethereal synergy.

I’m calmed by the soothing motion of being rocked in the arms of the ocean.

Life is a symphony so stop interrupting the beat.

Oh Mr. Farmer let me dance to the melody.

Whenever you look at me I feel the eagerness of your desire to possess and to hold me.

Like a framed photo of motion it wouldn’t do me proper justice so please let me be.

Yet I stand silently allowing you to focus.

Maybe not for you but for anyone with the time to notice when my smiles only on the surface.

Misunderstandings and the rage behind silent waves of unanswered emotions.

Long nights, draped accross the earth’s surface I stood complacent and without motion.

Do tree’s make a sound when falling and there’s no man around to notice?

The answer is yes and that tree can keep on growing.

Our brokenness is our Gold and allowing the jagged edges is what makes us into perfect beings.

Beauty is in the eyes of the one beholding so be careful what you let others see.

Yet life is more then giving others a good show.

Enjoy yourself before sitting still to be another’s pass time show.

Consumed in grief, melancholy, religious and moral beliefs.

The Bible says you should drink from your own wells. And that you have been set free.

This reminds me of the concept that women aren’t allowed or told they are free. Free from the curse spoken in the garden of eden.

“I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”.

I thank God for Jesus as he really came to set the captives free, yes women are free from this curse if we choose to be.

Some call it blessed, easy, or living a stress free life but I simply call it redemption and being reborn everydaythrough christ.

I won’t live my life with multiplied sorrow and I conceive with ease. Sorrow is for those not promised tomorrow and I have eternity promised to me.

Never shall my husband rule over me, when I decide to take his hand I’ll trust that he wants a good easy-going life for me.

Perfect Beauty is all that I see.

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