High or Low

There’s many places in life to go.

Many things to do.

Tons of people to meet.

One told me not to be so set on being free.

I replied “why not”?

His answer, “clouds dissipate, nothing remains in the sky”.

So low I am, and up high is where I strive to be.

All I want is to be up as if on top of a tree.

Floating in the sky with the clouds.

Near the star’s as they glisten all around.

Just the top of a tree is the beginning for me.

Currently with my feet hovering above the ground, the tree looks high enough to me.

Safe enough, and sturdy indeed.

Glorious for catching the breeze, on top of the tree.

High and swinging from tree to tree.

First I release the words weighing upon me.

Another’s disbelief will not hinder me in living free off the ground.

Someone else’s wounds will not deture me from revealing what has been bound inside of me.

People can be tricky, crafting wordy traps to confine you to their sacred ground.

Wanting you to listen to their paranormal sounds.

Ignore your internal intuition and disregard you own ambition.

Simply because it pokes at their lack luster dreams, jogging memories of their trappled vision.

They react instinctively from the pain of watching other people’s feet lifting off the ground.

Once upon a time I thought I too could leave the ground but…. someone so kindly pointed out that people belong on the ground.

But just because your afraid of falling down doesn’t mean I shouldn’t climb upon the clouds.

Yeah the clouds may vanish one day but all I need is a few seconds of air play off the ground.

So up towards heaven I’ll climb, occasionally waving to you content with the “safety” of the ground.

I also watched as it opened and swallowed everything around. Then I wispered while peering quickly down “the ground even moves so why wouldn’t you ?

Elated that I wasn’t bound, I’m enthralled by the sweet taste of the balmy air kissing me from cheek to cheek.

So what if I’m grasping for an entrance trying to get up into the clouds.

Some people feel locked out of heaven so they plot to keep others on the ground.

With dreadful stories of people falling and being cast to the ground.

Dead toads never croak and a hurt lioness never leads the hunt. So why listen to a hurt human telling you you can’t fly.

Allowing yourself the space to redirect your thoughts that told you “you are safe of the ground”.

Gravity’s got a hold on some of you and people’s worlds of words weigh you down.

I’ll keep jumping, training my body to one day soar above the crowd.

Take me to a higher place and I’ll show you that freedom can be found.

High or Low I won’t continuously be on the ground.

This Tuesday’s Off The Dome post is a reminder to cut out the background noise. Turn off your ears to the unsolicited and solicited advice from your peers.

Listen to the still small voice saying “Your meant to be free.”

Freedom starts within

Humble, steady and full of Energy

Solution oriented and carefully loving life and the fact that your still trying to be better in this life.

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