Dry Cry

With tears in my eyes all I could say was goodbye.

I’m filled with sorrow and an ache of feeling swallowed.

My poor mind is blanketed with its own sorrow.

I distrust you because of how much I naturally trust you.

This can’t  be love that I’m feeling but it’s definitely what I’m receiving.

I dry cry because I’m leaving.

Leaving the thought of the reality of you because for some reason it hurts to be with you.

The pain starts in my mind, trickles down like an extraction of bone marrow from the depths of my spine.

I heave and shake while bent over. At the extraction point I watched my pain bare strange fruit.

I’ve got gentleness,joy, and patients with you.

It’s just that I want so much when I look at you.

And I lack nothing when I’m next to you.

Again, I don’t trust you for being you.

In all honesty I can’t stop dreaming about you.

Your tone and clarity of choice words took me to the tipping point.

what I love most is a still small voice that makes me feel at home.

My truth is I would never pick you but I can’t see anyone else but you.

I can’t fight or curse you so there’s nothing left but for me to cut you.

Silly me there is no escaping you.

I just don’t want to admit that I might love you.

Quickly conclude that your heaven sent with the keys to unlock my guarded temple of a heart.

I’m still waiting to exhale as we drift apart.

I now have peace knowing that we belong at odds.

For “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” and have no part.

I trust my judgment and the peace that’s settled into my heart.
2 Timothy 3:5

Although my eye’s have yet to behold, my faith is the substance of things I hope for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

So watch me close, I’ll show you love’s all about long-suffering in peace. In due time and in due season I will reap a beautiful bountiful being.

Dry cry is only for a season.

Joy comes in the morning light and I’m steadily receiving.

The light of Joy through day and night.

I’m gleaning because my harvest is beaming with light for those who have eyes O’ let them see and learn how to fight the good fight in every season.

From the floor to the ceiling, traveling by sea and sailing through air. We are more than conquers through christ Jesus Amen.

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