Roots of Bitterness

While reading a recent tiktok video comment section I became motivated to write more informative posts on the character of God.

This lady stated, “I could never serve a God that punishes man for not believing in his existence”.

I stared at the comment for some time and felt truly saddened but I turned that emotion into the action of this post to assist in the combat of Roots of Bitterness in the souls of people. Living life in bitterness toward God over hearsay isn’t necessary.

Many people have unfortunately been sold a false persona of God, and I truly find myself defending or revealing the true character and intentions of God. To the best of my knowledge, I try to search and unravel his mysterious character because there are still things I too don’t know about God.

I’m a strong believer in God’s spoken law of “ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.” So I encourage everyone to try God and seek the answers to all their concerns. Treat God as a living being that hears and sees you. In the same way, you would address a rumored ill character trait of a new associate you need to go to God and ask him about the rumors.

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that God has poor judgment, he’s overly critical, and has unrealistic expectations for humanity. He’s left us to fend for ourselves and doesn’t even speak to the average person he created. His mercy is for the elect and he’s just sitting on his throne waiting to rain down fire and brimstone on the next city of people overtaken in sin.

He’s super masculine and obsessed with keeping women in their proper place underneath his first prise of a creature called man. I could go on with an endless list of misinformation and mischaracterization of God. I won’t attempt to correct everything that I’ve listed above except for the part about God not having mercy on those ignorant of his existence.

Mercy May Seem Silent

In Romans 11:32 anyone can read that “God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.” I’m writing this post to inform and encourage others because this knowledge that I have brings me joy and peace that I have a patient heaven and human-dwelling, all-powerful father who knows how to teach all according to their personal learning styles. Also that in due time we will learn what God desires out of us in the first phase of life on earth. Next, he will be patient for me to grow and apply the knowledge learned. I want to share his truth with anyone bound by the misperception that God has no patients for them to learn. God’s mercy seems silent or absent to those afraid to allow him to speak because they are scared of being judged unfixable, or incongruent with his plans.

Uprooting Bitterness in Our Hearts

God has a problem with people who knowingly sin. Sins are wrongings towards yourself, other people, and any creature including God. Everyday we have to all make the conscious decision to uproot any bitterness in our hearts blocking us from correcting any unproductive behaviors we have come to normalize.

God’s words have been summarized into 10 commandments, and when someone says that they don’t want to follow God they are saying that they want to break at least one of the commandments.

I’ll have to do a separate post on the significance of the ten commandments but until then check out this link to a quick breakdown of the social and individual impact they have.

Admittance of hurt is the first step in any conflict resolution, so be bold and tell God you are hurt by the things you’ve heard and experienced in his name.

Second become aware that you have suffered injustices at the hands of corrupt middle men. Devote time to learning and reading the bible to make sense of the hearsay. You may be pleasantly surprised by the nature of God.

Third, after increasing your awareness of what God really requires of humans you need to start practicing forgiveness. First, forgive yourself for not seeking clarity from the misperception that God isn’t worth knowing.

Next, release the ideal of condemnation learned from the middlemen that want to cut you off from the knowledge of the true words of God; which is that his mercy endures forever covering thousands of generations. Lastly, practice meditation and open praise. We have the responsibility to manage our minds and to cast down any vain imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of the promises of God.

Gratitude for the breath of life is the easiest place to start dispelling the thoughts that God doesn’t care or love you. Everyone needs to practice mindful meditation on the true, pure, kind merciful loving ways of God. Adorning ourselves with the garments of praise because now we know of the Joy of the Lord and that he is our strength in time of need. Most of all remind yourselves that God views you as his friend, not a servant or slave. You are free to choose and repeat this process countless times to tap back into the joy of our God.

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