Closed Case

It’s a closed case when I examine the evidence, I see the crime and the victim is hesitant.

Speak up or forever hold your peace because justice on earth is limited.

with a jury or a Judge, two lawyers and a used gun.

Multiple shots fired and gun powder covered hands and a leaking victims shattered heart.

Respiratory system collapsing as she struggles to gather her lung power.

Shots fired as they rang in the air of the victims ear.

Deafened to sound and scrambling for tangible high ground.

By whom, with what, when, and where were the shots fired into the victims chest?

Straight to the heart for a pristine execution, as the gun wielder bent forward and transformed his figure to assimilate to increase the willingness of heart empathy of the victim exibiting internal confusion.

Wondering if the gun shots are penetrating the heart of his target he changes tactics to weilding a knife. First watched from a distance then cautiously approached.

I’ve witnessed many wars.

Battles over beating hearts.

Man tries to take life with guns knives and ruff hands.

Tattered and martyred souls long for Law, Order, vengeance, and Excellense in Justice but unfortunately not many know what they mean and to whom they belong.

Because broken hearts deserve love.

Love is Law, Order, Vengence, and Excellence. Break and or protect a soul and these things are bound to find you.

With no cause to break and no reason to excuse how man and woman unjustly kills the hearts of man women and child.

Closed cases because the bodies are still walking around. Lookimg and searching for a do over and to heal.

Vengence is the Lords so my broken heart has been healed over and over again.

I’ve laid many souls to rest and prayed for Vengence Order and Excellence to releive the pain on my beaten chest.

Love doesn’t create any clowns because victory can be found.

Walking around with no protection from cowards claiming to be mentally sound is dangerous.

Love bombing while dropping smooth vernacular phrases.

I heard the crows cry and saw the vultures circling and swinging in the sky.

I realized hurt was a cue to pray for the Lord’s will to be done and allow the execution of any unclean root.

I prayed to no longer be the prey.

Prayed for nature to whirl any injustice away.

Whats love without a hate?

Life without death?

And Joy without misery?

Confusion and no understanding of life’s evolution.

The fine print in love I’ve listed below because inside of Love is many things. LOVE =

Law Order Vengeance & Excellence .

Psalms 58 seems different when your own heart and world has been broken.

Praying for others to learn right and wrong by experiencing what’s wrong with being wrong. Hopefully stirs repentance and conviction not condemnation.

I can’t and won’t please everyone because not everyone heads words, wisdom and signs.

I’ve often wondered why the devil can’t get into heaven but now I see not everything is apologetic when witnessing the innocent bleed.

I forgive but justice I will steadily seek.

I love a closed case because Law Order Vengeance and Excellence is preparing the world for judgement day.

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