Strength & Unity

I feel Unity in the swift movements of my hands as the evening breeze kisses my chin and the sun presses up against my skin.

Strength in the bending of my knees, partitioning towards the sky for my daily bread because Love Conquers All!

Unity in my breath as I stretch forward across God’s green earth.

Each day my life becomes more real.

Tears of happiness just feels surreal.

Everyday my strength unifies and reconnects to my innner spirits hidden strengthen.

As I learn to yeld, my truest self is revealed.

Life is teaching me that there isn’t another voice wiser than the one speaking deep inside of me.

Previously silent but now growling like the thunder rolls in the hurricane season sky. (It speaks to me)

You are worthy of a listening ear.

Worthy of a telescopic, scientific molecular deep search within.

Who’s seen all that you see and heard all that you’ll be?

With my own eyes I’ve witnessed you cry and be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve listen to you yell and fight.

I witnessed you turn the other cheek and start with what’s hidden beneath.

And trust no other has watched you change so much.

I heard the churning of your gut in unsettling situations.

I am discernment.

And You are mine.

And it’s time to redirect your life’s courses.

Life changing decisions are a blessing and some things you just have to unfold.

Listening I heard a rushing waters smooth tone of a voice saying all that you have is all that you need. And all you’ve heard is all you need to hear.

You’ve trusted in man now take it to the truest source.

Enough of glorifying humans and watching them turn to dust.

Truly only you I can trust and rest easy that you won’t be disadvantaged by strengthening this love.

So let your existence flow, doing everything that makes you glow.

This is my unity approach.

To strengthen my still small voice.

Lord forgive me of my debts as I forgive my debtors…

Because today I’ll weep no more for my past. To every man that I’ve loved, I love you no more.

Everyone must die and be placed underneath my feet, as mulch for my strength and unity growth to sprout freely.

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