Loving In The Deep!

From Sea to sea, through time changes and earth elemental rearrangements.

In spirit and in flesh, even when our energies are under pressed.

Beyond our tongues virgility.

A buttery Groove depicts our loves virility.

As our life tectonic plates shake, we rise and then settle into our sacred place.

A smooth and strong undercurrent pull, bringing us into deep waters space.

We’re no longer misplaced and in due time our love in the deep expands this space.

Everything is already ours, I witnessed you winning the race.

To cherish and to hold.

To rebuild, remaster and remold.

To place my hands inside the gapping holds.

To see you burn and come through as pure gold.

With my hands I’ll place you into a heavenly home.

With diligent and delicate hands.

With attentive and an infatuated stance.

In patience and with strength I’ll never let go your hand.

Hear my words and let them not be dismissed in the loud roaring rains.

Be still and listen to the love through the temporary pain.

Don’t fail to feel my steadiness in the breath of the raging winds.

I love you and I’m waiting for you to join me this year.

Loving in the deep without time, limitations or fear.

I’ve not given you any reason to hesitate, but a true lioness spirit conquers and extenguishes all fear.

I love you now, I’ll love you then.

I see you now and I’ll hold you then.


Love is not given to the strong,pationate or witty.

Not to those politically protected but to any pair that intertwines and looses themselves, merging into one mind with two headed body

No matter how wild the strong sea of life batters our souls.

If you want to Love in the Deep let the weak say I am strong.

Our love will never unfold, we can discuss whatever is best and never forsake our sacred nest.

As bald eagles rip and tear off their beaks and knowing they look a mess.

Love comes after the pain and a few ugly deaths.

Beauty emergies from the strength you’ve cultivated around yourself.

Victory is given to those who endure until the end and remembers love conquers all fear.

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