Better Than A Friend

I like your face and hands.

I love the dimples in your thighs and how your waist swings from side to side.

I love the strength in your stride.

I like the way you hide your teeth and lick your lips from time to time.

I like your dead eyes and how you don’t even try to hide your disdain for people at times.

I love your energy and how you don’t just follow, but you command the tide.

I like the stretchmarkes on your sides and your courage to let them shine.

I like how you create your own beat while instructing others on how to harmonize.

I love how you pause before you speak and look deep into people’s eyes while listening as they speak.

I love your heart for the weak and sensitivity towards those beneath.

I truly like the way you think and remember little things about the people that you meet.

I love how you sing in the car and spend hours thinking about what to eat.

I love the grace in the words that you speak and your willingness to learn and teach new things.

I love the way you listen to others pore out their hearts. And I love the heat that you carry to warm yourself and others when weak.

Oh, and I love the dark circles and bags underneath your eyes in the morning when you rise.

I also like that one dimple on your left cheek. And how you’re not afraid to put someone into their place when they misspeak.

I love your energy and self pride. Your honesty about your weaknesses and how you’re prepared to change them with time.

I like it when you’re honestly you and truthful and kind.

I love you more than a friend, I love you truly because you know how to bend and not break from your strength within.

You know how to look opposition into the face.

I love that you’re not afraid to say goodbye, sever ties, and leave a place.

I love your creativity and connection with God.

I love your vision for the future and that you made it your own personal mission to disassembled poorely constructed institutions.

2023 is bringing self-love that’s better than music.

I love your relentlessness to live life and float.

I’m humbled by your simple yet decadent recipe for creating more hope.

Your love is better than a friends, and you give the world hope.

I love all your unique ways and how you’re colorful like a New Mexico Sunrise. You remind me of Joseph’s coat of many colors, but yours is painted on the inside.


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