Hi, I’m a living, walking fully functioning contradiction. Who just so happens to be named Yaselynn, the creation of my dear mother and father. I’m a little DIY crazy who loves to bake from scratch!

  Are you a farmer, me too! Do you love natural hair and do you eat Organic food?! Then you belong here as well. Are you a struggling college student come right along. And are you also going crazy about being a high school senior join the club!!! Are you struggling to start your own business, while juggling the family business ( car dealership)? Are you experiencing your first law internship then you can join in also? 

  This is the Big- contradiction, where everyone and everything is and will be my hobby and interest. So, expect the unexpected and please don’t confine my blog into one category. Because then I wouldn’t be a contradiction!

You can learn more about me and this blog by clicking on this link, In the Beginning was the…..

This will be an epic reading journey that will most definitely change your life for the better. As whatever her name was from( shhh I think it was Vanessa Williams.) the Elmo movie “It’s all about your point of view”.

By the way that is my favorite song and part of that movie!  Here’s the link, https://youtu.be/wHSY912Kq-s

So relax you either are a contradiction or you’re an undiscovered contradiction who has suppressed their true desires and tendencies as a contradiction. 🙂

This blog will help you rise to your true potential as a contradiction. Yes, you will have to die a little bit but then you will rise from the ashes like a newborn Phoenix. Right here’s where we imagine that one song I’ll rise up by Adra Day.

LOL, I kill myself dead.  🙂


Gotta blast! To infinity and beyond! And Hakuna Matata! ( It means no worries your a contradiction.  🙂



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Contradiction is all about living life and learning new amazing things. Psychology, Love languages, Law school, Internships, Young Poeple in the world.