“It’s so easy to lose all the meaning of who you are, so be careful how you play the game.”


Poetry, semantics, Legal Jargon.

Political, Life antics and hacks.

Pain and sorrows all aching our backs.

Confusion, searching for life solutions.

How to separate truths and facts.

Psychology, pathology and messed up world philosophies governing our lives.

7.53 billion people, tons of food. Yet there are people starving, simultaneously people growing fat.

Left, right, and center.

Access to an enormous amount of information.

More degree’s than past and most likely future generations.

Still, we’re dumb.

Can’t solve world hunger, nor can we properly clean water.

Highly evolved?

Mmmm seems questionable when we’re leaving lots of pollution.

Especially when you can teach a child and monkey how to clean.

Education or Indoctrination?


progression or Regression?

All apart of life’s lessons.

Some say it makes sense, others say life’s unfair and call it a bitch.

Cry, and say its full of shit.

Then there’s those who smile and say its sweet and blissful.

Heaven and Hell!

(Although No ones ever been to either place)

Conclusion, life’s a contradiction and a Big one at that. A Big Contradiction. Join me as I gather my facts. Laying the tracks and building a case. Join the jury of this debate. My blog a Big Contradiction.


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