New beginnings, inner peace, love for humanity by first loving ourselves. This blog is mainly about my own personal thoughts and conversations that I have with my friends, family and loved ones of all ages and social categories that I don’t care to list. Hoping to fill you with hope and rejuvenation. Awakening of the mind body and soul through self and world clarity.  Realizing that everything is not as simple as we have been taught.

Knowing this world and all its glory is here for us to ravish. Because no one is going to hand it to us on a platter after a certain age.

  Stirring our inner curiosity with sincerity and heartfelt achings of the soul for life clarity. I pray that we both apply our findings in our everyday adventure filled and yet boring lives. Abounding in wisdom, and its truth.

  Not only having information and knowledge but by going deeper.

Wisdom is information applied.

  1. Am I Wise
  2. How am I applying this awareness?
  3. Lastly, to whom else do I share my wisdom with?

Folded within these questions is the gist of my life journey as a Big Contradiction. Seeking out my true convictions on religion, politics, education, and economics. Trusting everything that I say after sifting it through my small life filter.

Do I mean what I say?

Did I say it with love?

Can I defend this stance with facts and a sound argument? No longer depending on my family, society or cultural norms to make my life decisions. I pray you someday do the same and become a Big Contradiction. And no this blog is not just a public diary of a nineteen-year-old girl, Think deeper than that.


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