An Amaranthine Love

A loud thunderstorm and a soft translucent rain.

Comparable to good loving.

A deep warm hug.

A tender kiss

A delicious meal.

Soft rain stirs my soul deeply into ustulation.


Washing away my continuous growth of nemesism; from past and present days.

I feel like rain is a sign from God that we need to mindfully redintegrate our souls.

In one sentence the rain dirls my heart, mind, and soul.

I wonder if anyone else feels this way about the rain.

Please tell me you do?

That you experience theses ineffable feelings when the sky cries.

Either 1,2, 3, or 4 moods bewitch me.

  1. A deep euphoric sleep.
  2. Rapturous energy serges; fixing all melancholy in my eyes before the thunderstorm. Reminding me that my time is short and to be happy I have breath in my lungs. No matter my frustrations the rain renews my joy. It signals an unspoken promise that’s etched across my heart. ( Have joy in the midst of this worlds sorrow!)
  3. Equanimity; a yearning to stop all things and meditate.

Seek out calmness. Composure, of breath and watch the rain fall down my windows as I drive. Upon my skin, starting with the palms of my hands. Praying to be cleansed, as I reach out and over my porch.


4. A deep mourning. I cry for No other reason than to let out emotions sometimes. Can’t pinpoint it to anger or frustration. The rain just calls me to cry and both sing sometimes. I don’t know if I’m crying for lost souls or for my soon to come frustration once the rain stops. But I can say it’s from the heart, slow and one by one. As if the result of each and every thought I hold dear.

Hopefully, it’s not just me, although me and rain we go way back.

We will always share our amaranthine Love.

Even in death, I’ll welcome it to my corpse.

Fall on my grave top, seep and penetrate my tomb.

Oh, how I love rain.

And he loves me too.

Diligently and sweet…

Through heartache and grief…

Rain sweeps me off of my feet.


Mortgaged Time


No time. why do we feel like we don’t have the time to advocate for things and people that we believe are important?

  •  Primed to mortgage our time on superficial occupations.

We live out our days on this earth going to school religiously to get our ideal job. Then we date frantically to find our harmonious spouse. And then we squabble vehemently to provide for our perfect family.

  • There is never enough time for everything.

With careers, schooling, and families, plus our necessary leisure time to rejuvenate. There is never enough time to do the things we know are important but are convinced has no benefit other than emotional gratification.



Warning made up the following scenario:

Everyday Janet drives to work at her local DMV center. In her routine day, she realizes that customers are complaining about how the new law requires them to have the best car insurance financially possible. They have to submit a portfolio of their income and expenses. Proving that they’re spending the most they can afford. All in hopes of decreasing the number of underinsured drivers being sued during car accident claim disputes.

Janet can relate with the clients that this is invasive, and she complains to clients daily. Janet also talks about the new requirement with her coworkers. Although Janet is aware of the impeachments of American citizens rights. She has the thought of not only complaining but to jump into action; she tells herself she hasn’t the time to look into the validity of her feelings. Nor does she believe her protesting will be pervasive in changing the new requirement.

  • No longer complaining but acting.

“Small steps equal huge Journies”



You do not have to abandon your job, family and leisure time to be an advocate against world problems. Somehow we have contrived in our minds and applied these thoughts to our schedule that it takes so much time and long spurts of effort to succeed.

  1. Janet only needs to commit thirty minutes a day on her lunch break to look into how to go about changing laws as a citizen of Little Rock.
  2. Make a list of what she thinks is required to change the new law.
  3. What constitutes “illegal law practices”?
  4. How have people in the past changed laws that were voted into everyday play?

The more she knows and looks into answering her questions, the less she will feel her desired end result is impossible for her to accomplish.

  • Praise and Envy to the Devoted Protesters/Advocates.

Deep within us, we can acknowledge the praiseworthiness of people who will advocate and not only complain about problems in life. Secret Envy of individuals who dedicate their lives to “The Cause”. Regardless of societies pressure’s; telling them to put their picket signs down and join the local job force.

  • Mainstream Media has Victimized Our Minds Into Thinking of only Extremities.

Either you went to school and you work the “nine to five” plus occasional overtime. Or you are a whimsical emotionally driven human, who refuses to earn a proper living. All because you utilize your education to irritate, in hopes of reformation.



We are constantly prapelled to respond to abominations and outcries of those mutilated, yet we can’t find the time to become a protester. Who constantly utilize their free time or prioritizes all of their time to better the world.

  • Under-Estimating The Importance Of Emotional Gratification, Incurred by Acting upon our desire to change the World.

Incomplete, our feelings when we suppress our innate urge to campaign and rally change.



Feeling Stuck…

Symptoms of suppressed Desires:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Slight/Light depression
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Unsettled; mentally and physically. Feeling the need to busy yourself constantly resulting in empty feelings.
  • Positive Manifestations derived from the Evolution of Human Urges.

All human desires are not promiscuous/evil. Nor do they lead you away from normal operations in life.

Alleviation of our connate calling to reform the world into a better place causes:



  1. Effective
  2. In control
  3. Efficient
  4. Influential
  5. Complete
  6. Empowered
  7. Enriched with awareness of life’s purpose emotions.



Smile For Me

While reading outside of my work place, a man graced me with such moving words I almost lost composure. All witty thoughts that I’m most definitely known for left. My normal daring smirk etched upon my face, crippled.


“Your pretty. You must not pay attention to common men like me and only dote upon your Rich boyfriend.” Emphasis on the Rich if you haven’t noticed.

I blinked and blinked at this man, and tried to composedly reply. I was not particularly in the mood to jest with this man. (Because I was reading a book)

I said no, that is not the case. Trying to be short and cutting through the chase of a thralled out conversation. This post is not about how I turn down unwanted calls from men. Its more aimed at my thoughts after he had left.

This man ignored my book and went to complement me on my looks. And that I, as what he professed to be a beautiful woman can’t possibly have a personality. Lacking any depth to my choosing of a suitor. My main requirement is wealth.


I repeat I had a book in my hand. Most people no matter their sex, equipped with just a small amount of understanding in the art of conversing. Would start by engaging me through means of the book in my hands.

Either this mans remarks was a reflection of his own inner insecurities. Or he was telling me what mines appear to be. That if he had more money he would be able to catch the most dazzling fish in the sea. Neglecting the fact that after some time he’s going to need to be able to carry a conversation. And be someone worth being around.

I’m still quite fixated on these encounters  and wonder how many women face them daily. No matter our surroundings of hints into our personalities, they still comment on the outer appearance. Assuming that we should be honored to have them complement us on something God graced us with, looks. That thing we had nothing to do with, and can’t change if we tried.

Inside of a library, world history museum and still people comment on our exterior. I now feel ashamed slightly for all past instances when I too complemented superficially upon the essences of people.


I wonder how it is in the life of a man. I shall have to take my time and ask about. How often do women hit you with a line dripping in skin crawling stereotypes?

Most humans are unattractive in numerous ways.

We complement each others beauty and ability to smile.


Never mentioning reality and delving into topics we ourselves long for someone to ask about. We are such surface dwellers dazzled by the chimerical aspect of life.



Common Sense

Now that I am older and more attentive I’ve realized some crucial facts. Reshaping my life. Making me value my childhood and the care my parents put into raising my siblings and myself properly. Recently while examining my sister and two brothers and a few my own life experiences now that we’re all adults.

Common Sense is not as common as it said to be.

My sister and I were having a conversation about how our parents raised us to be aware and respectful of common sense, reality and whats right. To be simple my parents inforced logic upon us.

  • Teaching us that feelings do not out way truth.
  • That we should be able to reason outside of our feelings.
  • State how we feel in a calm way.
  • Discuss differences without getting heated.
  • Accept the truth, and let the lie go.
  • But all parents don’t seem to raise their children with these rules

Somehow others either abandoned this teaching, their children threw it out the window. And stomped all over it. Because the people that I’ve met in my life have been the most illogical people on the planet.

One conversation that will always come to mind. One of my sister’s friends and I was conversing about homeschooling. The pros and cons, including the misconceptions about homeschooling and public school.

I don’t think I stated this but I’m one of the few to have been homeschooled. But not for all of my education. I started at 6th-grade entering middle school. So I believe that I have a decent perspective on schooling.

In our conversation, it was Missouri trying to inform this gentleman that public schools waste a ton of students time every day. Barely making process in teaching and then throwing them into college. After babying them for years.

America’s nagging problem with college dropouts managed to get worse this year. The National Student Clearinghouse reports that 55 percent of first-time undergraduates who matriculated in the fall of 2008 finished a degree within six years, versus 56.1 percent of those who began in fall 2007.

U.S. high school graduation rate is up — but there’s a warning label attached. President Obama has been talking up the newly released U.S. high school graduation rate of 83.2 percent, with the White House noting in an announcement that the rate has grown by about four percentage points since the 2010-2011 school year.

homeschool students scored exceptionally high on test scores, in the 80th percentile, in comparison with the public school average of the 50th percentile.

Also, a study was done in 1997, of 5,402 homeschool students showed that on average, their scores were 30-37 percentile points higher than their public school counterparts. The study also showed that the longer a child was homeschooled the better the score was. For example, a first-year homeschool student scored in the 59th percentile, while a student homeschooled two or more years prior to taking the test score in the 86th to 92nd percentile (

A study published in July 2010, by Dr. Michael Cogan, studied homeschool students at one Mid-west college. While this small study won’t have the reaching impact of a larger study, here are his findings.

  • The homeschool students had a slightly higher retention rate, 88.6% compared to the counterpart at 87.6%.
  • There was a higher graduation rate for homeschooled students (66.7% compared to the counterpart at 57.5%).
  • The homeschooled students came in with a higher ACT score (25.0 compared to 14.7).
  • Slightly higher Grade Point Averages were held throughout the college years by the homeschooled students. (Fourth year previously homeschooled college students had a 3.46 average compared to the previously traditionally schooled students at 3.16).

He simply refused the option of homeschooling his daughter because he was afraid she wouldn’t have good social skills.

This is how our conversation went.

“Do you think I have bad social skills?”

No, but others do and she might.”

“Have you meet any homeschooled students before who lacked social skills?”


“Have you ever even meet a homeschooled student before?”


And this is where I knew this conversation was over, it was pointless to continue. I said mind and I tried. He simply could not acknowledge the advantage he would give his daughter by homeschooling her.

I was amazed that this was his biggest concern when he could simply take his child to the park and let her socialize, join social groups sports. ( And I know this does not reflect all public schoolers. This is just a literal conversation that bugged me about less than sensible people)

But these facts are a little besides my point. The guy could not and simply would not accept that homeschool students start off life at an advantage while public students don’t.

They have less time to volunteer for scholarships, internships, and part-time jobs to gain real-world experiences. To travel, and to simply go outside.

I learned from this conversation that everyone ain’t trying to live their lives with sense.

If someone is about to present something to me and it make s sense, why deny its existence. What because it goes against what I thought to be true, and what makes me feel good?

No thank you.

Sense, logic, reasoning, and facts are synonyms to my definition of life. wi=hich equal evolving. Learning through experiences. I don’t have to break my wrist to find out that it hurts, I’ll listen to others and not get hurt.

You take the pain and I’ll make the gain.

There’s no point in the both of us being in the ditch.

You trip now I know to jump.

And that’s life. But not everyone lives accordingly. They believe falling, struggling is what makes them strong. But baby I don’t need the battle scars. It ain’t about just being alive, it’s about being wise, and avoiding a ditch so I try to open my eyes.

Now I know that Common Sense ain’t as common as I was told.

Mountains We Climb

Today was a wonderful day. Not because everything went perfectly, because it was not what I would call a perfect day. For the past two months, I have been on the job hunt. And I don’t know if you know but the job hunt in 2018 is the real deal Hunger Games, similar to a battlefield.

Everybody’s trying to survive but there can only be one winner. And in the game of interviews, especially group interviews you see and meet people who are excellent candidates for the job but nonetheless you wish them to fail. And for yourself to succeed and land the job. ( OR maybe its just me?


Not. I’m just the only one willing to say how I feel.)

But this is a little besides my point. These past few months I have been slightly struggling within. And yes this ties back into my self-love mantra. Because I struggle with perfection and where I aspire to be in my life and in all honesty that’s why I need self-love. And jumping into the job hunt mad me vulnerable. (Referring to my mental state)

Telling people that I quit my job and explaining the situation to my family.(Although they were and are very supportive) I still have this fear that they’re judging me about my decisions.

So, all of this ties into prayer. Well as I was told in my childhood prayer is a powerful tool/weapon and shield.

I took advantage of my vulnerability and dived into prayer, vigilantly. In a more aggressive and sincere way than I had ever done.

I prayed about quitting my job.

I prayed about when to quit my job.

I prayed for a specific sign so that I would feel at ease about quitting my job.

And my whole job quitting story is serious and another story for another Tuesday purge.

In this prayer journey, I have learned not what to pray for, but what not to pray for.

In my past, I have prayed for some crazy things. ( My past prayer sessions were more of pleadings/begging for something like a spoiled child) But we grow and thank God I did.

Things I have prayed for are below:

  1. For a specific job. Got the job and it was hell.
  2. For my parents to die because my life would be easier. ( I was young don’t judge me too hard. come on you so have never prayed for God to kill someone before? Right, I don’t believe you. Lol

Which is not accurate. I have so many family members, I would never see an adoption agency or foster care, it’s crazy to think that was my plan.

I’m truly grateful that God ignored me and then occasionally answered just to teach me how wrong I was to ask.

Jumping back to the present.

I quit my job as a salesperson to jump into the legal field. I had a year internship at a law office. But for some reason had never applied to jobs in the legal field, because I was scared of rejection. Telling myself it was hard enough for a high schooler to get an Internship let alone a job.

So I quit my job and started searching for any company that would give me the opportunity to plant some roots in their office for an hourly wage exchange.

This is also where I mad the change and stated morning affirmations. Because I realized that I needed to force myself to start my days off positively. Affirming myself, refusing negativity. I also meditated for 20 minutes every morning on peace.

This was mind-numbing in the most positive way possible. I forced out my inner fears and replaced them with what I wanted to manifest in my life.

Another self-treatment that I applied was utilizing my journal. Documenting my day when it was hard. When I felt depressed and just simply bummed.

I wrote my emotions. My actions, and what thoughts and fears caused me to think or act the way I did for the day. Did my actions and thoughts bother me? Then I answered myself.

By breaking down my emotions it allowed me to allow myself to understand my emotions better.

Example: If I was upset with and had an attitude for the day and responded harshly to something someone said to me. I wrote down my response. What I did before it happens. What I was thinking before., And How I was feeling. How did I feel after the situation? What was my true reason for my action?

With me writing it down it some how allows me to see mysef in a personal unpersonal way thats understanding and accepting of myself. At the end I tell myself that my emotions are normal and natural. But my gaol is to notice and track my limits. And control and stop unwanted actions, thoughts, and feelings.

In my two months of job hunting, I was struggling with my self-worth. I was landing interviews but for some reason no callbacks.

At first, having the interviews lined up was enough to give me confidence that I did the right thing about quit my job. If I didn’t have the qualifications I wouldn’t even get an interview.

But why was I not getting the job?

This is when my prayer went into overdrive. I was doubting my decision, thinking I was crazy to give this a try. And I should just try to get a job in customer service or something easy and attainable.

I had to learn that even though I made the right decision to search for a job in my desired field, doesn’t mean I will land a job in a week. And that’s alright. Even if and God forbid, I don’t get a job at least I tried and applied myself. Instead of doubting and blocking my opportunity.

If I don’t get the job that I want right this moment then that means I was not meant to have the job right this moment. So I stepped back and hit my target from another angle, harder and pressed on.

I revamped my resume. And revised my cover letter. Saught advice from job counslers. And steemed torward my next line up of interviews.


After three months of job hunting suddenly in a week, I needed to relocate to another place. It is a good thing I didn’t get a job because I would have been torn to leave it and move.

Moving to  St.Thomas V.I. And staying with my grandparents, was huge for me. They needed my help and I was jobless. (Thankfully) And was able to freely make this life change.

While talking to my grandmother she started telling me about this wonderful lady who she has always relied upon to pray for her. No matter where this lady happens to be when she calls she will pray with her. And I seriously am in awe of this.

I want to be a feverant prayer. For others, now that I feel that I’ve learned how to pray for myself. (cocky of me, right)

I’m on a jorney of climbing a mountain of prayer.

Summary of my Mountain climbing Adventure: Three ways to Climb


  • Pray, for whats best for me and not for what I think I need/want.
  • I pray that I find my place and I succeed even though it will be hard. I pray that I become kind, gentle, meek, and humble and that I learn to have joy in my struggles.
  • Because life is filled with suffering. And God doesn’t promise to get rid of that, only to hold my hand, to make me feel better.
  • To pray for boldness, and not short selling myself in life.
  • To be patient and know that God will give me the desires of my heart in due time.(Whenever that may be.)  🙂
  • “Try to keep my head held high, and teach my feet not be in such a hurry”



  1. 20 minutes each morning
  2. listening to my heart beat, breath intake, and and body functions and sounds.
  3. Trying to find a deep quiteness
  4. ignoring all distractons
  5. Listening with my eyes closed trying to distinguesh the sounds around me.
  6. Saying thanks for a new day.


Morning Affirmations

I shared my monthy affirmations and how I affirm myself. And I add my monthly scripture to also recite every morning.

  1. I am smart
  2. I will work diligetly and never give up.
  3. I can do anything with hardwork
  4. Apply myself and I will succeed.
  5. I will be kind to everyone I see including myself today.
  6. Each breath feels me with an abundance of sunshine and peace.


Affirme Me!

If we were all alloted a penney for every thought that negatively portrayed ourselves.

I’ll never get this job.

I’m terribly stupid when it comes to math.

I don’t believe that I’ll pass this quartly review, except by the skin of my teeth.

Lord knows I’m not adequately prepared.

Yeah right..

As if…

Mmmm, you know your over extending yourself by trying out.

Each time I allow this brain to recite and digest words, phrases. All undermining my own success.

Belittling myself, selling oneself short.

Wouldnt we all be filthy rich?

No man would suffer except from within.

If our wealth would increase in exchange for terrible words.

As if this is true we tear down ourselves. Never benefiting from the words we preach.

Quite the opposite is in affect.

Affirm and uplift.

Why do our ill words out way the positive?

I reciently gained insight on the power of reciting morning affirmations. Even though my mother made them mandetory when I was a child. I foolishly grew away from boldly uplifting myself.

I took the time at the beginning of this month to write out my morning affirmations for the month of February and my scripture of the month. They are plastered on my wall next to my bed.

I encourage everone to make or at least memorize affirmations; that you can recite routinely when you feel down. Or when you catch yourself being negative and self-abating.

  1. I have an abundance of energy today.
  2. I am free of pain today.
  3. Today is my day.
  4. Today I will change my life.
  5. I am strong
  6. I am beautiful.
  7. I am loved
  8. Unlimited energy will fill me today.
  9. Today I am a magnet for ideas.
  10. I will be a giver of love today.
  11. The sunrisr fills me with confidence.
  12. Whatever challenges come my way I can over comethem.
  13. Today I will ovetcome and grow.
  14. I will be a better person today.
  15. I will help someone today.
  16. I love who I see in the mirror.
  17. Success will find me today.
  18. I am greatful for another day to shine.
  19. Today is full of possibilities.
  20. I will be fearless today.

Scripture for February: Psalms 139. 23-24

Search me O Lord, and know my heaet; try my heart, and know my thoughts.

And see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.

I say this every morning. 😊😄 calling and envoking happiness and self proclaimed success in my life. To the least for that day.

Shout out to Pintrest for the inspiration for this months affirmations.


Unable to think about what my mind has not thought about.

What do you do if you dont naturally question your surroundings?

Anger, I get mad, saddened, and let down when someone brings up a very good topic.

That I have yet to think about.

Why didnt I think about this?

How come, I never thought about this from their perspective?

What blocked or hindered my mind from questioining what I have been taught?





But I do beilve thats the beautfy of humanity.

Forging realationships and interactions to make us whole. Completly challenging each other in our professed “realities”.

Daring one another to break the mold and think outside the box that we were cracked into. From and egg and fried in our parents and societies convictions.

If I alone could think of the millions of world creation variables. Then why need or want companionship?

Relations and family losses its value and vertue.

Nonetheless, my natural first impulse is dissapointment.

Why was I not first to think of what makes the sun feel hot?

So many world questions, I can’t possibly consider and digest them all.

Oh, what beauty is found in mankind.

Showing and communing with each other.

Sparking ideas and creativity in each others eyes.

I and many others would be lost without our fellow man.

This is what makes us human.





All true essesnce of beautiful mankind.


Oh what beaustiful thoughts,concepts and beliefs

At least we think and ponder and scheme.

Searching for something to believe.

Whether its spontanious combustion into this beautiful fine earth.

To a higher, smarter, diligent God. Gracing us all with a mind to think and ponder our existence.


Has anyone ever noticed that our society is shallow? We advertise and are attracted to things that seem magical.

Lose weight in a blink of an eye. Magic

Put this cream on your face and poof.  No more wrinkles.

I suddenly realized that we promote incompetence and magic.

Magic does not exist we just don’t know the exact properties and steps that causes things to happen. And instead of explaining or learning we just put the word magic, fast and spontaneous.

Example: Lose weight fast by drinking apple cider vinegar three times a day in a 12-ounce glass of water. Lose as much as 20 pounds in a month.

This is what we would call advertisement and or apealing to the senses. Or the real explanation is Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. Advertisement one on one.

  1. Pathos: an emotional appeal typically positive.
  2. Ethos: Establishes credibility for the product.
  3. Logos: useful practical information.

I myself, have been found guilty of this very thing. I use apple cider vinegar to lose weight and I tell other people about this benefit as well. So many people and videos can be found on this one product. It’s also common knowledge that apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss. But how many people know why and how?

It turns out that there was a study on apple cider vinegar….

An apple cider vinegar weight-loss plan affects how blood sugar is regulated, according to a study by Carol Johnston, Ph.D., at Arizona State University. “Her research provides evidence that drinking vinegar before eating actually led to a decrease in change of blood glucose post meals,” says Tanya Zuckerbrot MS, RD, New York City-based registered dietitian, best-selling author, and founder of The F-Factor Diet. “Drinking apple cider vinegar before a carbohydrate-filled meal can reduce blood sugar spikes that would usually occur after eating.”


Now, this is true information, and without me knowing exactly what is expected to happen inside of my body when I drink apple cider vinegar. I am bound to have unrealistic expectations. And then when this product does not add up to the hype of the magical properties of apple cider vinegar. I and many others conclude that this was false information.  The above information aids in me knowing how much of a magical weight loss I can expect. What are the boundaries of this advertised weight loss remedy?

Our society criticises those who know so much and seek so much information as abnormal and odd. But I beg to differ, these rare folks are truly beautiful. Because they have not succumbed to societies pressures to rob the mind of knowledge. And willingly swallow half-baked goods.

I once consider myself knowledgeable about many things but now that I truly think about the things that I know. I know the result but not the steps of how. And who was the first to discover things and or who was the person, company, country to make this a fact?

I have a new desire for true knowledge and information. I want to know how my wireless computer mouse works. How my cell phone is able to communicate to someone in another part of town.

And I implore others to explore the deep depths of information. Find out why their stomach aches when they have dairy products at 3am. And not simply conclude that they may be slightly lactose intolerant. While never truly knowing what lactose is or the true reasons a person can seem or actually be intolerant to lactose.


I hope everyone enjoyed this Off The Dome Tuesday kind of post. Feel free to like, follow and most of all comment. And tell me the most recent thing you neglected to truly learn about.


link to the research about apple cider vinegar

Feeble Mindedness

Are we all suffering from feeble-mindedness?

Why do we question our strengths?

What is a true weakness?


True weakness is a weak mind. If one cannot change their perspective on life after thinking. That is true feeble-mindedness. When and if you have the desire to commit suicide, and you cannot and or are unable to personally rationalize with yourself then you are suffering from feeble-mindedness. This disease of feeble-mindedness prohibits your ability to change your perspective. This disease can hinder personal, spiritual, and your business life.

Your life perspective shapes your reality. You cannot reason with the insane because there perspective is different from yours. You can only guide someone in hopes of changing their perspective of reality. The same applies to those who are suicidal, their perspectives on reality are different.

And that difference is life-shattering to them because of their perspective.

What is reality? Whether we all believe it or not reality is a perception. And a perception is the same as an interpretation of your surroundings. Interpretations are debatable. Your interpretation of your surroundings dictates your reality. An insane persons perception and interpretation abilities are warped if not completely broken.

Hindering them from rationalizing that they can change their future to anything, by changing their life perspective from a victim to a dictator. Who understands that they cannot control everything that happens in their life but that they can control how they handle and make their life situations better. Knowing that happiness is defined on individual bases, meaning that whenever you decide you can be happy.

Lets take a look at some definitions of a few above-mentioned words. Just for clarification and so that all readers are on the same page.


Feeble:  deficient in qualities or resources that indicate vigor, authority, force, or efficiency.

adjective, feebler, feeblest.

1. physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.

2.weak intellectually or morally:

a feeble mind.

3.lacking in volume, loudness, brightness, distinctness, etc.:

a feeble voice; feeble light.

4.lacking in force, strength, or effectiveness:

feeble resistance; feeble arguments.

Feeble-mindedness: mentally deficient.

Perspectives: the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. Example: trying to maintain my perspective.

Interpretation: the way something is explained or understood.

Lastly, lets review the definition of reality: Reality: something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily an actual fact.

  1. something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.
  2. something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive.


Even though our society has mad this rd and definition we cannot truly know something to be factual until we know all information. Considering how if we would % say that we know so we test our theories to the best of our knowledge. Then categorize it into the fact column.


With these words clearly defines we should all be able to reason for ourselves if what I’, proposing is true.

Now if perspectives are debatable, then does that suggest reality to be debatable? I believe so. If you are not constantly questioning and testing your reality theories then you are suffering from feeble-mindedness also. You are not using your brain to the best of its abilities, you are only partially utilizing your brains true abilities. Your brain performance is deficient.


Simply you are obligated to properly utilize the brain and not think feebly.

So, realities debatable then how do we define up from down?


Facts are theories or perspectives that we have questioned and proven true to the best of our abilities. Example the color blue is a pigment, definitions do not change because we decide to change the name. The color blue will not change to orange if we start calling blue orange and vise versa. The same is true with reality, test perspectives to the best of one’s ability then and only then can we move these theories into our self-made category that we consider facts.

In order to move theories into the fact column we have to be willing to one think, then think again and then again in another way. Willingness to change your interpretation which dictates your perspective of reality.

That is how we break out of our feeble-mindedness. With this perspective on the perspective, we can change our reality. With the ability to change one’s perspective or reality this gives the control over how we pave our future realities. Which also gives the ability to change one’s future.

You can perceive your life to be over when fired from your job. Or you can change your perspective on your current reality that your life is over. Or you can take this opportunity and freedom to become independent, or star over and build whatever business or life endeavor your desire to build from the bottom back to the top. Even better, you can change your reality to be greater than you perceived it would be. Perception is our missing link and key in life to healing ourselves from feeble-mindedness.


This was an Off The Dome Tuesday post and I hope to the least I encouraged and laid the path of new neurons leading to a new perspective on life. Or caused you to retravel a previous thought path.

Feeble-Mindedness has been a constant struggle for me in my last 3 years. I have had independence of my mind declared in my previous: Deceleration of Independence 🤗

My purpose is not to condemn or to offend but to encourage and uplift all of my readers and followers as well as myself. I truly love how everyone wants the world to be a better place but I say forget the word and let’s make humanity into better people. And with better people, they will feel inclined to better our world.  what better way to start than with yourself?

Thankfully in this new breathtaking year, we call 2018 I encouragingly challenge everyone to strive for freedom internally and externally. No longer chained by our inner demons of feeble-mindedness.

Have a Happy New Year with unfathomable accomplishments leaving behind our struggles of 2017. And wrestling with new 2018 struggles, which is a good thing because life always has struggled and I have no problem with struggling our striving for new heights in life. I have a problem if year after year I fight with the same demons/struggles.

So again, let’s leave behind our feeble-mindedness of 2017 declare independence, seek self-loveHow to Heal Childhood Wounds, healing of inner wounds, mending relationships; Male Masculinity and Relationships, and partaking in prosperous actions. no longer dwelling in pseudo-masculinity, and our concepts of adulthood, or life perspectives. Let us grow past 2017 and spring into 2018.


Redundancy of Life

Why did I view the world and life as redundant?

When it’s really man who has no adaptability.We have yet to evolve; learn from our past experiences and do otherwise or better.Yet we claim life to be redundant, repetitive and never-changing.

There’s nothing new under the sun, same shit just another toilet kind of bramble.Out of all things to learn from life. As a whole, we picked up “survival of the fittest”.The cruelest, harsher aspects of life. And these we imitate and embrace.Why not recognize and dwell on the kinder walks of life.

History repeats with many of the same foolish schemes.

The desire for world control. In simplicity, there is nothing really wrong with this desire. But with such desire comes great responsibility. Those who aspire to control the world may want to better this place.

Sadly that is not the case, with this aspiration, it seems to only rest upon fools.

Control. Wanting control over every aspect of their subjects lives. survival of the fittest is their mantra for life. So they flex and harden their control. Never stepping back to examine how God controls or whomever you deem to be this worlds creator.

He rules all, but he is not harsh and dictating all. He has a subtle steady hand. Letting life and including man live life, grow and die as they please. No, not man we think that a strong cruel hand is what gives and maintains command.

Fear is only a fraction of the pie’s recipe to maintain power. You also want trust and true love, to ensure lifelong and even after death loyalty.

I personally always say the best way to manipulate and keep someone subjugated under anything or being. Is through sincere and gentle love.

How does a mother or any parent cradle a son?

Have them dependant and never questioning their love?

Always knowing whats best, forming deep relationships where the children will tell them every aspect of their lives.

With this even if they hear or begin to think of you detesting them. They will need outright proof to override the open sincerity that they know you show to them.

But hell no, that’s not what our leaders or even individuals do.


You might find this odd that I think of the best ways to manipulate people. Well, it’s not per say that this is something that I sit around contemplating. It’s a common trend on television, history, and life itself. So with me trying to be an aware person, to my life surroundings. I have to know about common tactics in order to make myself immune to them.

Which is also part of my reason for this being my off the dome topic this Tuesday. I recently found myself thinking about life and how redundant our society is.

Can we please evolve and get over our stupid hangups.

Maybe we enjoy the struggle.

Some say pain and stuff make them feel alive. I beg to differ, this is not the path for me.

Why be nice when we can emulate our lives after a lion and devour our pray on instinct?

I vote nay.  Learn from our surroundings. Even though the lion and other dominating predators are natural superiors, they are not rallying and petitioning to become ruler of every lesser animal.

You do you and I’ll do me.

But man has this serious superiority complex. Dictating and wanting to be subjected to someone else regime.

Let’s look at God. He’s so not cracking the sky and choking us with his hands.

More of a subtle,strong existence. That’s the leaders to imitate.

Then there are a ton of people who have grudges against God or life itself.

I do understand life is hard and it is not what we would call fair.

Reality is that we can not have our cake and eat it too.

We want to be able to do what we want to do. But then we want someone or thing to stop others from doing bad.

Either we have free will or you don’t. You want freedom or you want to be controlled.

And whichever way it is there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

I personally wonder about the people who condemn God or whomever. Because of terrible things that are happened in their lives. Also for things that happen in others lives. yes, these things are tragic, but at the least, everyone has the opportunity to experience unfortunate events in their lives. No one has a get out of life troubles card.

But this topic has gotten way off track, even though this is an exact reiteration of my thoughts. It’s another topic for another rainy day.

This is was an” Off The Dome Tuesday” kind of post and to the least, I hope I stirred your thoughts. No matter where they lie, I hope you at least are thinking about your stand and view in life. Purpose, goals, and beliefs are life’s true sentimentalities.

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