Who Cries Besides I?

Does the grass cry, when pasture and lawns are being mowed?

Do trees cry out to God, asking to ease the pain when being chopped?

Do flowers scream when being plucked?

If not then what’s wrong with I?

The birds cry out in hunger.

The fish swim to better waters.

Again I ask, who am I?

I’ve never heard a plant cry and beg.

Do they understand their life more than I?

As creation seems more at peace than I.

So who cries besides I, when life plucks it up?

I can’t hear a sound when a tree is struck to the ground.

Lightning strikes and fields go up in billows of smoke.

Submissive, I say to a single strain of grass lying in the palm of my hand.

Yielding to the twist and turns of life.

Creation seems to understand this fickle life more than I.

To the Sun, Star’s and Moon I salute you. How accepting you are of a seemingly brutal fate.

To the trees and fish who cries more than I?

Seems they’ve all learned a trick and left me out the mix.

Content with living life as it comes and moves them about.

Aware that they are grass and fish are fish.

Understanding that they must swim to be a fish.

And then there’s me.

Who cries more than I?

Born unsure of my life’s fate.

Unsure of what it is that I’m supposed to do.

Still I cry.

Cry day and night.

I pray, “Lord give me sight throughout my days.”

As the green grass grows and dies, so will I.

Embracing time and life’s seasons.

Creation doesn’t cry in winter.

Things just wither and die.

Is it because they know?

Know that seasons come and go.

Who am I to cry?

The human body was built to take this life.

I have shelter from the wind and storms. The grass doesn’t, and still I cry.

The birds nest outside and up high. I rest low, enclosed and I sleep warm and tight.

Still I cry.

Who cries more than I and my fellow man?

Maybe God as he says we were made in his image.

If I read I may find what makes God cry.

Turns out creation does cry.

It cries out and mourns, bears witness and holds grudges against man.

But we can’t hear.

Funny thought, that creation knows more than I.

More than mankind combined.

For when creation cries, it’s not up to the moon or to one another.

Creations smarter then man, crying out to the creator of the land.

Instead of searching for a human ear.

Look to the grass and how it grows.

Taking every opportunity it gets to grow.

Soaking up the sun when out, resting though the night.

Dying when the time comes.

creation all cries.

But who more than I and all of mankind.

I’ll Be… Just Fine.


Since I liked your eyes,I sent my reply.

Since you liked my hair, I allowed you to stare.

I liked your eyes, I sent another reply.

I could pass on his feet, because they looked so beat.

Worn from all the places he’s been.

I said hello and that’s how it begins.

A simple reply just to pass the time.

Enjoying just letting go of time.

But time showed it’s face after just a few dates.

Foolish for me to imply, nonetheless I granted space.

Now it’s been over a months time,

Three full moons, symbolic this I know.

What it means, that I just don’t know.

If it was up to me, I’d know with surety and a shout.

No confusion or petty moments of doubt.

Together no, not ever. Ever since I replied I changed my fate.

I’d like to be considerate and more right and thorough. But no longer will I force myself , and just be true.

If I don’t feel it and neither do you.

Let’s just end this, and that’s what we’ll do.

That night was the last, a few moments before I knew.

Knew that I wanted to forget you.

Knew that I didn’t want you.

Knew that I wouldn’t continue to entertain you.

Knew that this wasn’t it, truely nothing against you.

I just knew that it wasn’t you.

I’d be a fool to continue pushing through. Blinded until I made the mistake of loving you.

No games as I don’t have the space for you.

Over it is and I wish the very best to you.

I know I was great, and I pray for myself to continue living this way.

Never bitter, beaten and cowering from love, friendship, bonds and ties all alike.

I’ll be fine and so will you.

Love no more

Love no longer remains, he doesn’t snuggle with me to keep me warm.

Love’s moved out, so love no more.

I don’t have tears just because love’s moved out.

I see other people, as my life continues to pass me by.

He suddenly stopped calling my name.

Love no more dwells, in my home.

He left, on to some other young maiden’s house.

I bid him farewell.

Lovely ,while it lasted and what a sweet perfume I have in my house!

Late night, party memories floating in every room.

Time well spent when loved lived with me.

Love didn’t do me wrong.Served me well. then walked himself out my door.

Left the door slightly cracked open.

A silent farewell.

As I doodled, we fell.

I was walking by and then I saw his, hind marching down the drive.

And I went to the door, cracked opened; just enough to pull a draft.

The brown heavy oak door, eased right open and swung from the wind.

A breeze that bid me farewell.

As I stood in the doorway and watched love walk away.

Love no more, He went away.

I’m not mad, he made my day; when he walked away.