In the Beginning


Good Love

Sweet Love

My Love

Tinder Love

Love, Love and Love

Timeless Love

Diligent Love

Patient Love

Forgiving Love

Love ,Lovely ,Love!

In thee beginning was Love.

Till the end of time Love will love.

Love remembers, Fears, Joys, and Hopes.

Love is Endless, Boundless and Confusion Free.

The world, will end in love where it began.

Good Love?

Filled with Good Love!

Simple and true, I think about love so much it’s becoming the truth .

So conclusive and forthcoming no longer a ghost to me.

Like breathing air, and saying nightly prayers.

Its pulsing in my body like blood I swear.

Confiscated my pains and cleaned up my soul.

When I see couples bearing happiness in their faces and prosperity in the soul.

Families big and small, up and down the place I stare.

I start to dance when I see couples, young or old.

Love is ringing in my head, plucking at my senses to get into formation and find my own love.

Sweet love makes me feel warm.

Dwelling on love.

Swirling in my vains.

Stirs my soul in a fluttery fashion.

Calling me to play.

Jump, twirl and spin.

I paraid around feeling joyous .

And I take a swing at it.

Throwing myself all in.

Love lovely Love not synthetic and confusing.

Mindful Love makes the world spin and continue to fill.

The End is declared from the Beginning.

Who Cries Besides I?

Does the grass cry, when pasture and lawns are being mowed?

Do trees cry out to God, asking to ease the pain when being chopped?

Do flowers scream when being plucked?

If not then what’s wrong with I?

The birds cry out in hunger.

The fish swim to better waters.

Again I ask, who am I?

I’ve never heard a plant cry and beg.

Do they understand their life more than I?

As creation seems more at peace than I.

So who cries besides I, when life plucks it up?

I can’t hear a sound when a tree is struck to the ground.

Lightning strikes and fields go up in billows of smoke.

Submissive, I say to a single strain of grass lying in the palm of my hand.

Yielding to the twist and turns of life.

Creation seems to understand this fickle life more than I.

To the Sun, Star’s and Moon I salute you. How accepting you are of a seemingly brutal fate.

To the trees and fish who cries more than I?

Seems they’ve all learned a trick and left me out the mix.

Content with living life as it comes and moves them about.

Aware that they are grass and fish are fish.

Understanding that they must swim to be a fish.

And then there’s me.

Who cries more than I?

Born unsure of my life’s fate.

Unsure of what it is that I’m supposed to do.

Still I cry.

Cry day and night.

I pray, “Lord give me sight throughout my days.”

As the green grass grows and dies, so will I.

Embracing time and life’s seasons.

Creation doesn’t cry in winter.

Things just wither and die.

Is it because they know?

Know that seasons come and go.

Who am I to cry?

The human body was built to take this life.

I have shelter from the wind and storms. The grass doesn’t, and still I cry.

The birds nest outside and up high. I rest low, enclosed and I sleep warm and tight.

Still I cry.

Who cries more than I and my fellow man?

Maybe God as he says we were made in his image.

If I read I may find what makes God cry.

Turns out creation does cry.

It cries out and mourns, bears witness and holds grudges against man.

But we can’t hear.

Funny thought, that creation knows more than I.

More than mankind combined.

For when creation cries, it’s not up to the moon or to one another.

Creations smarter then man, crying out to the creator of the land.

Instead of searching for a human ear.

Look to the grass and how it grows.

Taking every opportunity it gets to grow.

Soaking up the sun when out, resting though the night.

Dying when the time comes.

creation all cries.

But who more than I and all of mankind.

Love Me… I Dont Know How

My fear is that I’m Loveless.

That I don’t have the strength to love someone else.

That I fear rejection so much that I’ll never truely open up to someone.

To this day the 9th of September in the highly esteemed year of 2018.

I’m a broken puzzle, trying to stop myself from scattering my pieces.

At least I can congratulate myself on the ability to make friends.

Someone that I talk to daily; She knows of my secret manipulative ways.

Allowing me to confide in her about my life choices.

But back to my opening statement. I dont know if I’m being rightly cautios.

Or if I’m barring myself from love. All because I have a fear of being unhappy.

Crying at night, wondering where my loved one is! (Hypothetical speaking)

Ducking in fear from my beloved’s, dagerous words stabing my heart. Tearing my emotions down word by word, throwing my past descesions at my face.

(Not to say that I would tolerate such abusive ways)

Refusing to allow me to repent and throw my bad tendencies behind me.

Neither do I want to tell someone all, of my wrongs.

(only for the fear of being judged)

Then when I flip the switch I want to be open, stupindously free; uncover my dark streaks.

I dont think I’m necessarily the worst.

But I hate my down falls passionatley.

Staining my pallet with bitterness.

Upsetting my stomach and causing it to swell…

It makes my insides quiver and ache.

Tople over and under.

I fear that I’m trying to wash away my sins so hard that I’m pushing away any potentially good men. Who are also cleansing their self.

(Not really just think what if.)

I fear it stims from my dedication to self love. Suffering from poor self worth.

My mind goes on and on with estranged situations and variable situations.

If I’m sinning, or struggling with a bad characteristic trait. Then not yet am I rady for a relationship.

Refusing anyone who doesnt seem to have the ability nor capacity to help, keep me away from my addictions.

So I just turn them away.

I don’t know If I can love another, or myself!