This place in Time

Have you ever craved a particular kind of music?

But can never find the style that meets your current feeling.

This is something new to me.

I’ve always known what song, what artist, and the exact tempo to play to coincide with my inside yearning.

But as of late, I can’t seem to find a song, artists, or genre to agree with my current space.

I am not a one genre kind of person

I mingle in pop, classical, rap, Rnb, Country, and jazz, Practically everything under the Sun.

But as of right now I struggle to find someone who matches my place in time.

I know tons of songs, but none seem to fit.

They don’t eas my mind and make me think “That’s it!”

I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that maybe I’ve grown to another frame of mind.

Including the oldies, all the way back to the twenties up until now.

Nothing, and I mean nothing soothes my soul.

It might be “when you know more, more is required of you” type of phenomenon.

Considering with this feeling came my desire to start my blog and start writing more.

As well as my personal decree to stop watching tv and many other idle things, and replace those moments in time with informative videos, and books.

This is what caused my spiral into watching TEDx talk videos about self-love, how to achieve your goals. I’ve listened to Malcolm Gladwell books, Read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Which, has revolutionized my daily expectations in my current life.

I now want more love from myself for myself as well as to others. I don’t want to live stereotypically vague. Working, searching for love, with an internal itch for something more out of my life.

In the moments of these feelings, I have times where I just have the urge to cry.

I don’t particularly think I have many reasons to cry.

I don’t believe myself to be pessimistic just realistic on my outlook on life.

Whatever the cause may be at least I think I know what the effect on myself is going to be.

A part of me does not want to completely leave what I have known and allowed to be my comfort.

But, then the other part of me knows that it will kill me if I never leave these things behind.

I will continue to lay in bed at night and negate the unwise things I let consume my time.

Which leads to my guilt of daily spending my time, resulting in me doing random things at night. Reading, schoolwork, Tedx videos, Research, all because I feel guilty about the things I don’t do in the day.

I want so much more from myself. And I can not wait for someone to come and hold my hand to guide me through this change. This is something that me, myself, and I, has to gird up myself and triumph through.

I know this may seem vague, but for those who understand. You as well should let go.

Let go of whatever you know is no longer good for you.

No matter how long it or they have been your source of comfort, your soul will continue to be dismayed.

I feel the beckoning to change, and I don’t want to criticize myself for not leaving these things behind. They are not the center of the universe. Let alone my world.

  • I will break free from this chain, even though its things that I have attached to myself.
  • I have engaged in my own persecution, mutilation, and subjugation. I knowingly submit myself to people and things.
  • I no longer want this in my life.

As of this moment in time, I am still unsure of the true meaning behind my inability to find music to my taste and be truly engaged in other idle things, tv shows, movies, and futile things, that doesn’t do me any good. I who call myself an adult, feel that I have to be entertained by primordial kinds of paraphernalia.

I’m learning to retrain myself to enjoy at all times things that are truly beneficial to my mind, body, life, and future. I no longer want to want tyrannical  ( pleasures) that are typical; teaching me nothing but how not to trust, bad stereotypical traits of men, women, other races, and even of my next of kin. Its no longer desirable, and I won’t succumb. Replacing them with profitable interests.

I felt that I was suppressing my desire to write, change my daily routine, and attributes of my life, which was a suppression of myself. Inside of this movement that I created, I hope it creates a stampede within myself. So that I will blitz towards truth and true betterment of myself and spirit. Which, will manifest in all aspects of my life.

This place in time.




While thinking, I suddenly thought how warm darkness is.

I assume a good way to get a glimpse into a persons mental state is by asking how they feel about darkness.

And by darkness, I mean discribe your feelings on a deep dark night when you step outside.

When younger, I was scared of the night. My mind would be filled with thoughts of what ifs. (Someone or thing was lurking around waiting to pounce.)🕵️‍♂️

Never taking the time to realish in the beauty of the night.

Quite, peaceful , stillness, and settle soft breezes of wind tickleing my face.

The beauty of the night sky.

Maybe its just me experiencing the warm florida nights.

But, the night is so warm. It just feels just right at times.

It’s quite, my thoughts are loud and clear with no interruption,except from my next train of thought.

Everyone talks about how breathtaking the sky is in day time. Or a tear jurking stary night.

I enjoy the pitch dark nights where you wounder where everything and one is hiding.

Do you go outside at night?

What for?

How does it make you feel?

Please dont be afraid, dont think of the monsters of the day.

Let the night cleans you.

There is beauty in the dark night sky.

Maybe even more than the bright day.

Because the dark sky forces, faith and hope for another day.

Darkness has its own kind of brightness.

We just have to stop to feel it.

It can feel heavy or light, maybe it depends on the night.

I guess it depends on your view of the night.


Type of Blog “About Me and You”

Hello Contradicties, Yes I’m already labeling you as one of my tribe members but that might be another story that you can find out about at my, In The Beginning was the….. story.

Assuming that you are now returning from reading about my beginning, of rising from the ashes and now ascending into greatness( embracing the fact that I’m a contradiction). You’re wondering about the purpose and life behind this blog.

At the end or almost to the end I started talking or we can say talk typing about expecting the unexpected in this blog world. And that “you are not alone there is a tribe of fellow contradicties, who share your struggles, interest, and awesomeness.” ( yes, I just quoted myself.:)

And Yes I will talk about everything and anything on this blog so do not (In my passive aggressive voice :), confine my blog and life to one single category.We contradicties are greater than that, we do not behave like other rigorous, rule-abiding people of the outside.

This blog will be creating a whole new universe in the categories and niche in blogs. It shall be called the Contradicting blogs.


That means I will indulge you in my personal opinions, life lessons and hopeful aspirations.

I hope that every reader and skimmer will learn to enjoy and scroll away with something new from my past and future adventures. I will talk about…

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Hardships of homeschooling(stereotypes)
  3. Natural hair journey
  4. Trying to strive for greatness at a young age
  5. How farming in Florida Aint so Idealistic
  6. How pigs can breed like goats(watch out)
  7. Super Learning
  8. Psychology
  9. Law Internship
  10. How I obtained an internship as a junior in high school
  11. How to analyze people on site
  12. Why I believe you shouldn’t force you kids to go to college
  13.  And many other topics including K-dramas, societies downfall.
  14. Bad jokes that I wouldn’t tell anyone in person.

I have many goals for this blog. The best way to type-scribe ( describe mixed with typing.:) it would have to be a give and take relationship that I hope to build with you, my readers.

I will share your struggles, interest, and awesomeness. I hope we grow together for the good of our well-being as people.

I believe that we should start by fixing individual people first and once the world has more good people then the world can start becoming a better place.

People have a life mission of “making the world a better place”, forgetting that people make up the world.

So, in this blog world, we have a mission to make individual people better thinkers, more knowledgeable, even though I may seem to approach some matters light heatedly. There are going to be times of seriousness, where I type about my serious thoughts and I expect every reader’s honest opinion.  I strive for wisdom, not just knowledge. Meaning that I want to utilize the information I learn not just have it in my head for the basis of a good conversation.

All so that I and all of my readers(currently figments of my imagination) can grow together to greatness. And from here on out this is our home base where you can tell me anything you would like to have me discuss or type about. I will be more than willing to take you up on any journey.

As long as I can, one afford to go on that journey. Unless anyone wants to fund my journey(not really). Then I suggest we stay in our Contradicting world where everything is free and complimentary.

That being way to do it if possible.  Gotta blast! To infinity and beyond! And Hakuna Matata! (It means no worries, you’re a contradiction. 🙂



Affirme Me!

If we were all alloted a penney for every thought that negatively portrayed ourselves.

I’ll never get this job.

I’m terribly stupid when it comes to math.

I don’t believe that I’ll pass this quartly review, except by the skin of my teeth.

Lord knows I’m not adequately prepared.

Yeah right..

As if…

Mmmm, you know your over extending yourself by trying out.

Each time I allow this brain to recite and digest words, phrases. All undermining my own success.

Belittling myself, selling oneself short.

Wouldnt we all be filthy rich?

No man would suffer except from within.

If our wealth would increase in exchange for terrible words.

As if this is true we tear down ourselves. Never benefiting from the words we preach.

Quite the opposite is in affect.

Affirm and uplift.

Why do our ill words out way the positive?

I reciently gained insight on the power of reciting morning affirmations. Even though my mother made them mandetory when I was a child. I foolishly grew away from boldly uplifting myself.

I took the time at the beginning of this month to write out my morning affirmations for the month of February and my scripture of the month. They are plastered on my wall next to my bed.

I encourage everone to make or at least memorize affirmations; that you can recite routinely when you feel down. Or when you catch yourself being negative and self-abating.

  1. I have an abundance of energy today.
  2. I am free of pain today.
  3. Today is my day.
  4. Today I will change my life.
  5. I am strong
  6. I am beautiful.
  7. I am loved
  8. Unlimited energy will fill me today.
  9. Today I am a magnet for ideas.
  10. I will be a giver of love today.
  11. The sunrisr fills me with confidence.
  12. Whatever challenges come my way I can over comethem.
  13. Today I will ovetcome and grow.
  14. I will be a better person today.
  15. I will help someone today.
  16. I love who I see in the mirror.
  17. Success will find me today.
  18. I am greatful for another day to shine.
  19. Today is full of possibilities.
  20. I will be fearless today.

Scripture for February: Psalms 139. 23-24

Search me O Lord, and know my heaet; try my heart, and know my thoughts.

And see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.

I say this every morning. 😊😄 calling and envoking happiness and self proclaimed success in my life. To the least for that day.

Shout out to Pintrest for the inspiration for this months affirmations.


Unable to think about what my mind has not thought about.

What do you do if you dont naturally question your surroundings?

Anger, I get mad, saddened, and let down when someone brings up a very good topic.

That I have yet to think about.

Why didnt I think about this?

How come, I never thought about this from their perspective?

What blocked or hindered my mind from questioining what I have been taught?





But I do beilve thats the beautfy of humanity.

Forging realationships and interactions to make us whole. Completly challenging each other in our professed “realities”.

Daring one another to break the mold and think outside the box that we were cracked into. From and egg and fried in our parents and societies convictions.

If I alone could think of the millions of world creation variables. Then why need or want companionship?

Relations and family losses its value and vertue.

Nonetheless, my natural first impulse is dissapointment.

Why was I not first to think of what makes the sun feel hot?

So many world questions, I can’t possibly consider and digest them all.

Oh, what beauty is found in mankind.

Showing and communing with each other.

Sparking ideas and creativity in each others eyes.

I and many others would be lost without our fellow man.

This is what makes us human.





All true essesnce of beautiful mankind.


Oh what beaustiful thoughts,concepts and beliefs

At least we think and ponder and scheme.

Searching for something to believe.

Whether its spontanious combustion into this beautiful fine earth.

To a higher, smarter, diligent God. Gracing us all with a mind to think and ponder our existence.


Has anyone ever noticed that our society is shallow? We advertise and are attracted to things that seem magical.

Lose weight in a blink of an eye. Magic

Put this cream on your face and poof.  No more wrinkles.

I suddenly realized that we promote incompetence and magic.

Magic does not exist we just don’t know the exact properties and steps that causes things to happen. And instead of explaining or learning we just put the word magic, fast and spontaneous.

Example: Lose weight fast by drinking apple cider vinegar three times a day in a 12-ounce glass of water. Lose as much as 20 pounds in a month.

This is what we would call advertisement and or apealing to the senses. Or the real explanation is Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. Advertisement one on one.

  1. Pathos: an emotional appeal typically positive.
  2. Ethos: Establishes credibility for the product.
  3. Logos: useful practical information.

I myself, have been found guilty of this very thing. I use apple cider vinegar to lose weight and I tell other people about this benefit as well. So many people and videos can be found on this one product. It’s also common knowledge that apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss. But how many people know why and how?

It turns out that there was a study on apple cider vinegar….

An apple cider vinegar weight-loss plan affects how blood sugar is regulated, according to a study by Carol Johnston, Ph.D., at Arizona State University. “Her research provides evidence that drinking vinegar before eating actually led to a decrease in change of blood glucose post meals,” says Tanya Zuckerbrot MS, RD, New York City-based registered dietitian, best-selling author, and founder of The F-Factor Diet. “Drinking apple cider vinegar before a carbohydrate-filled meal can reduce blood sugar spikes that would usually occur after eating.”


Now, this is true information, and without me knowing exactly what is expected to happen inside of my body when I drink apple cider vinegar. I am bound to have unrealistic expectations. And then when this product does not add up to the hype of the magical properties of apple cider vinegar. I and many others conclude that this was false information.  The above information aids in me knowing how much of a magical weight loss I can expect. What are the boundaries of this advertised weight loss remedy?

Our society criticises those who know so much and seek so much information as abnormal and odd. But I beg to differ, these rare folks are truly beautiful. Because they have not succumbed to societies pressures to rob the mind of knowledge. And willingly swallow half-baked goods.

I once consider myself knowledgeable about many things but now that I truly think about the things that I know. I know the result but not the steps of how. And who was the first to discover things and or who was the person, company, country to make this a fact?

I have a new desire for true knowledge and information. I want to know how my wireless computer mouse works. How my cell phone is able to communicate to someone in another part of town.

And I implore others to explore the deep depths of information. Find out why their stomach aches when they have dairy products at 3am. And not simply conclude that they may be slightly lactose intolerant. While never truly knowing what lactose is or the true reasons a person can seem or actually be intolerant to lactose.


I hope everyone enjoyed this Off The Dome Tuesday kind of post. Feel free to like, follow and most of all comment. And tell me the most recent thing you neglected to truly learn about.


link to the research about apple cider vinegar


No one has the power to hurt you like yourself.

Some may say family, but thats caused by your expectations.

I hurt myself like no one else.

I inflict depression, mood swings, and life learnt lessons.

No one has the power to hurt me like myself.

Who can? I can, I do, and I will.

Self disappointment.

Self mutilation.

Self degradation

Self denial.

Self love.

Self preserverance.

Deep consideration.

Life motivation.

Out side manipulation must be allowed.

We open the door and then decide when to slam it shut.

Its my responsibility to be responsible for myslef.

If I dont care and guard myself, who will? And why should they?

Just how no one can hurt me like myself, no one can love me like myself either.

Feeble Mindedness

Are we all suffering from feeble-mindedness?

Why do we question our strengths?

What is a true weakness?


True weakness is a weak mind. If one cannot change their perspective on life after thinking. That is true feeble-mindedness. When and if you have the desire to commit suicide, and you cannot and or are unable to personally rationalize with yourself then you are suffering from feeble-mindedness. This disease of feeble-mindedness prohibits your ability to change your perspective. This disease can hinder personal, spiritual, and your business life.

Your life perspective shapes your reality. You cannot reason with the insane because there perspective is different from yours. You can only guide someone in hopes of changing their perspective of reality. The same applies to those who are suicidal, their perspectives on reality are different.

And that difference is life-shattering to them because of their perspective.

What is reality? Whether we all believe it or not reality is a perception. And a perception is the same as an interpretation of your surroundings. Interpretations are debatable. Your interpretation of your surroundings dictates your reality. An insane persons perception and interpretation abilities are warped if not completely broken.

Hindering them from rationalizing that they can change their future to anything, by changing their life perspective from a victim to a dictator. Who understands that they cannot control everything that happens in their life but that they can control how they handle and make their life situations better. Knowing that happiness is defined on individual bases, meaning that whenever you decide you can be happy.

Lets take a look at some definitions of a few above-mentioned words. Just for clarification and so that all readers are on the same page.


Feeble:  deficient in qualities or resources that indicate vigor, authority, force, or efficiency.

adjective, feebler, feeblest.

1. physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.

2.weak intellectually or morally:

a feeble mind.

3.lacking in volume, loudness, brightness, distinctness, etc.:

a feeble voice; feeble light.

4.lacking in force, strength, or effectiveness:

feeble resistance; feeble arguments.

Feeble-mindedness: mentally deficient.

Perspectives: the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. Example: trying to maintain my perspective.

Interpretation: the way something is explained or understood.

Lastly, lets review the definition of reality: Reality: something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily an actual fact.

  1. something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.
  2. something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive.


Even though our society has mad this rd and definition we cannot truly know something to be factual until we know all information. Considering how if we would % say that we know so we test our theories to the best of our knowledge. Then categorize it into the fact column.


With these words clearly defines we should all be able to reason for ourselves if what I’, proposing is true.

Now if perspectives are debatable, then does that suggest reality to be debatable? I believe so. If you are not constantly questioning and testing your reality theories then you are suffering from feeble-mindedness also. You are not using your brain to the best of its abilities, you are only partially utilizing your brains true abilities. Your brain performance is deficient.


Simply you are obligated to properly utilize the brain and not think feebly.

So, realities debatable then how do we define up from down?


Facts are theories or perspectives that we have questioned and proven true to the best of our abilities. Example the color blue is a pigment, definitions do not change because we decide to change the name. The color blue will not change to orange if we start calling blue orange and vise versa. The same is true with reality, test perspectives to the best of one’s ability then and only then can we move these theories into our self-made category that we consider facts.

In order to move theories into the fact column we have to be willing to one think, then think again and then again in another way. Willingness to change your interpretation which dictates your perspective of reality.

That is how we break out of our feeble-mindedness. With this perspective on the perspective, we can change our reality. With the ability to change one’s perspective or reality this gives the control over how we pave our future realities. Which also gives the ability to change one’s future.

You can perceive your life to be over when fired from your job. Or you can change your perspective on your current reality that your life is over. Or you can take this opportunity and freedom to become independent, or star over and build whatever business or life endeavor your desire to build from the bottom back to the top. Even better, you can change your reality to be greater than you perceived it would be. Perception is our missing link and key in life to healing ourselves from feeble-mindedness.


This was an Off The Dome Tuesday post and I hope to the least I encouraged and laid the path of new neurons leading to a new perspective on life. Or caused you to retravel a previous thought path.

Feeble-Mindedness has been a constant struggle for me in my last 3 years. I have had independence of my mind declared in my previous: Deceleration of Independence 🤗

My purpose is not to condemn or to offend but to encourage and uplift all of my readers and followers as well as myself. I truly love how everyone wants the world to be a better place but I say forget the word and let’s make humanity into better people. And with better people, they will feel inclined to better our world.  what better way to start than with yourself?

Thankfully in this new breathtaking year, we call 2018 I encouragingly challenge everyone to strive for freedom internally and externally. No longer chained by our inner demons of feeble-mindedness.

Have a Happy New Year with unfathomable accomplishments leaving behind our struggles of 2017. And wrestling with new 2018 struggles, which is a good thing because life always has struggled and I have no problem with struggling our striving for new heights in life. I have a problem if year after year I fight with the same demons/struggles.

So again, let’s leave behind our feeble-mindedness of 2017 declare independence, seek self-loveHow to Heal Childhood Wounds, healing of inner wounds, mending relationships; Male Masculinity and Relationships, and partaking in prosperous actions. no longer dwelling in pseudo-masculinity, and our concepts of adulthood, or life perspectives. Let us grow past 2017 and spring into 2018.


Redundancy of Life

Why did I view the world and life as redundant?

When it’s really man who has no adaptability.We have yet to evolve; learn from our past experiences and do otherwise or better.Yet we claim life to be redundant, repetitive and never-changing.

There’s nothing new under the sun, same shit just another toilet kind of bramble.Out of all things to learn from life. As a whole, we picked up “survival of the fittest”.The cruelest, harsher aspects of life. And these we imitate and embrace.Why not recognize and dwell on the kinder walks of life.

History repeats with many of the same foolish schemes.

The desire for world control. In simplicity, there is nothing really wrong with this desire. But with such desire comes great responsibility. Those who aspire to control the world may want to better this place.

Sadly that is not the case, with this aspiration, it seems to only rest upon fools.

Control. Wanting control over every aspect of their subjects lives. survival of the fittest is their mantra for life. So they flex and harden their control. Never stepping back to examine how God controls or whomever you deem to be this worlds creator.

He rules all, but he is not harsh and dictating all. He has a subtle steady hand. Letting life and including man live life, grow and die as they please. No, not man we think that a strong cruel hand is what gives and maintains command.

Fear is only a fraction of the pie’s recipe to maintain power. You also want trust and true love, to ensure lifelong and even after death loyalty.

I personally always say the best way to manipulate and keep someone subjugated under anything or being. Is through sincere and gentle love.

How does a mother or any parent cradle a son?

Have them dependant and never questioning their love?

Always knowing whats best, forming deep relationships where the children will tell them every aspect of their lives.

With this even if they hear or begin to think of you detesting them. They will need outright proof to override the open sincerity that they know you show to them.

But hell no, that’s not what our leaders or even individuals do.


You might find this odd that I think of the best ways to manipulate people. Well, it’s not per say that this is something that I sit around contemplating. It’s a common trend on television, history, and life itself. So with me trying to be an aware person, to my life surroundings. I have to know about common tactics in order to make myself immune to them.

Which is also part of my reason for this being my off the dome topic this Tuesday. I recently found myself thinking about life and how redundant our society is.

Can we please evolve and get over our stupid hangups.

Maybe we enjoy the struggle.

Some say pain and stuff make them feel alive. I beg to differ, this is not the path for me.

Why be nice when we can emulate our lives after a lion and devour our pray on instinct?

I vote nay.  Learn from our surroundings. Even though the lion and other dominating predators are natural superiors, they are not rallying and petitioning to become ruler of every lesser animal.

You do you and I’ll do me.

But man has this serious superiority complex. Dictating and wanting to be subjected to someone else regime.

Let’s look at God. He’s so not cracking the sky and choking us with his hands.

More of a subtle,strong existence. That’s the leaders to imitate.

Then there are a ton of people who have grudges against God or life itself.

I do understand life is hard and it is not what we would call fair.

Reality is that we can not have our cake and eat it too.

We want to be able to do what we want to do. But then we want someone or thing to stop others from doing bad.

Either we have free will or you don’t. You want freedom or you want to be controlled.

And whichever way it is there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

I personally wonder about the people who condemn God or whomever. Because of terrible things that are happened in their lives. Also for things that happen in others lives. yes, these things are tragic, but at the least, everyone has the opportunity to experience unfortunate events in their lives. No one has a get out of life troubles card.

But this topic has gotten way off track, even though this is an exact reiteration of my thoughts. It’s another topic for another rainy day.

This is was an” Off The Dome Tuesday” kind of post and to the least, I hope I stirred your thoughts. No matter where they lie, I hope you at least are thinking about your stand and view in life. Purpose, goals, and beliefs are life’s true sentimentalities.


A craft, a dangerous point of view.

Still many cradle and hone this lucrative art.

Buried very deep in our hearts; some say it tickles and swaddles them like home.

A special place in their hearts.

Etched in our very souls.

Creeping up the spine.

Spewing from our mouths.


Darling please, this thing will make you heave.

Succumbed to by many.


Oh, believe its bigger than you.

Insidious was the spell.

Encephalon, please learn to expel.

Expel down to the depths of hell.

Engulfed in flames.

Don’t even mention its name.

Power no.

A divine divination art many crave.


My mind is weighing me down.

Chocking my heart, causing me a stupendous amount of grief.

Leaving me stunned.

Far from amazed.

Trapping me in a thunderous haze

Its heavy, chocking, causing me to gage.

As I reach up and around hunting for a psychological inhaler.

Trying but just continuing to aspirate.

Joy, won’t you dwell in my heart and allow me to breathe?

Peace, manifest yourself in my bones.


My mind is so heavy.

My heart seems heavier than life.

Even though my heart and mind is life.

My mind controls my life.

So if my mind is heavy, my heart is an unwilling subject.

Following ever so closely.

Mimicking every thoughtless detail of my brain.


My heart sunken to its lowest depth.

Fighting to remember, focus on the serendipity feelings of life.

Shoving away and no longer dwelling on the past.

Allowing my mind to scurry towards my future.

My heart and mind once heavily chained.


How we got free?

We learned how to unchain this heart and mind.

Loose, yourself from mental suicide.

Assassination of our inner man

This is abuse and we need not aid in our own mental abuse.


A Dime Nor A Penny…

A book, for your thoughts.

Glasses, to help you see past your own thoughts.

The image.


Tea represents an unquenchable thirst.

In hopes of increasing your thoughts.

Their value and depth.


Girl, a penny for your thoughts!

They’ll have to bid higher than that.

With the aid of books, you increase that penny stock.

Let them chide “a dime for your thoughts and maybe a nickel for your time.”


As you age like a book it increases your value.

The press only printed one.

Let man search for another copy.

And I dare to say, they won’t find another.


Ooo, guess what?

Mine, was hand mad.

Printed in the South of the Northern American land.


Refined in China.

Aged in Quebec.

Abridged and Trimmed in Thailand.

Revised in Africa’s land.

Stamped with many a places and times.

Never ceasing to critique and develop the width of my spine.


The world is my editorial board.

And if you look at the back of my book I never forget my errata.

Darling I constantly, revise and integrate.

My death shall be my final submission.

As you age so does your spine.

You’ll need a thick spine to command more time.

In exchange for valued thoughts.


Ooh, as they tremble, fingering your nimble spine.

Thumb through your pages.

Taking notes of your footnotes.

Never forget the impact of your pages.


Humph, a penny for your thoughts!

Soon they’ll be no price worthy of your thoughts.

Do increase the value and ensure its a generational wealth.


Not only for your children but everyone.

Imprint your essence on every human being.

Plant it deep in the blood so no one can uproot or diminish its seed.


Circulate, the contents of your message.

Ensure, they cannot judge your book by its cover but by the contents of its pages.

Imply, everything you intended.

Implore, others to conquest Earth and Space.

In the search for more information about our inner and outer space.


“A penny for your thoughts?”

Who was the author of this phrase?

They must not have heard any of our thoughts.

A dime nor a penny for anyone of my thoughts.



Prompt: Write a poem including the objects; a book, glasses, and a cup of tea.

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Changing faster than the seasons and hours.

Evoking conviction or bliss.

Stroking an inner cyst.

Hemorrhage in the heart.

Emotions sway.

Seizing the day.

Eclips of the brain.

Changing our hearts.

Trifling, tactless, and indiscreet.

Degrading our thoughts

Manefesting in our walks

The worst kind of thoughts.

Emotion filled thoughts.

Relentless, hence why we never stop.

Why dont we evolve?

Discontinue this unworthy brand.

Unmingle it with the seed of man.

Cast it fare from within our hands.

No longer shall we mention its name.

I agree, we all agree.

Lets make this a decree

Please, dont forget the plan?

The worst is an emotion driven man.

We will rationalize.

Not internalize.

Respond with only facts.

Do not decend into this sin.

Gather our courage and strength.

“We the people,” can make this stand.

This is a battle not for the wimp.

“Oh, you need much strength.”

Muster, crumple, gather all your wits.

As one, we will recompense.

Indemnify, those who suffered ill fate.

At the hands of the worst man trait.

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