Cable strings

From my spine to my mind.

Navel cord and time.

Binding me and stringing me

Not blood and sweat but heart felt thoughts.

Him and I

No longer separate but intertwined.

Him and I.

Stitch by stitch

Every inch we’re stitched

Limb, mind, heart and soul.

Together we burn.

Sifting each other, perfecting our cause.

Dust to dust and ashes to ashes. we lay down and get back up.

Inseparable, we’re matches.

Igniting each others flames

Like gasoline on my fire.

We burn slow and steady.

No abrupt combustion but intently set apart concupiscence love.

Bless My Love

My love, my love, my dearest sweet love.

I pray God blesses you in every way.

Dear, do tell me how soon until you are near?

Near enough for me to hold.

Close enough for me to smell.

Clasping arm around arm. My love, I hope you are well.

May God bless your eyes, so that you may continue to gaze upon me lovingly.

May the Lord bless your ears, so that you may hear my voice.

Bless your feet, so you may walk straight to me.

Most of all bless your lips, that they may meet mine’s. I pray you wont be shy and continue to kiss me and move over to my check, collarbone, breast, stomach and thigh.

Picture from

May he bless your hard-working hands, strong and wide.

My love, my love, my dearest sweet love. God bless your soul, that it may intertwine with mine’s.

All photographs by

Savory Brown Spice


You make me feel asthmatic.

Faint of heart, at the same time it feels to big for my chest.

It swells, pauses, and skips to a beat just for you.

When you suddenly frown.


I could count my pulse without touching my skin when he comes close.

Even the bottom of his feet has a honey glow.

His abdomen firm as a drum.

Your back welcomes me home.

Your kiss, sweet as a mango warmed by the Islands sun.

Jazz, calypso, reggae, Reggaeton and my favorite soca song.

He’s my inner rhythm with no need for the Blues.

Rnb cant compose a song to express his moves.

But if I would choose one it would be Smokey Robison Cruise.

Gliding to our unspoken toon.

Your a savory brown spice.

Sprinkled all over my life.



Crimson spell

Rose, in the evening

Scarlet was the letter.

Currant, were her words.

Blush, within her sigh.

Apple, was her iris.

Peacock, threaded tide.

Coral, upon the sand.

minty was the ocean band.

pistachio etched the sky.

Melencoly or blue was apart of her spell.


Tinted cry.

percolate, rise, and swell; bloody rage,Garnet, ruby, fire now in her gaze.

Amber,was her name.

Crimson was the spell.

Scarlet were his words etched upon her heart.

Monkey, was the year of her lapis frosty lover.


Honey Drizzled….

This man…

Honey glazed.

Serendipity filling me just from his gaze.

Bemoaning from the depths of my soul.

Fierce from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

Warm like a blazing fire on a winter mountain top.

Sugary smile, in his taunting, sultry way.

Eyes the center of the universe.

Gravitational pull, all in the palm of his hands.

Querer. My desire.

No more words to describe the glory found in him.

Silent admiration.

of his.

Honey drizzled skin.

I see him.

He see’s me.

It’s not just eye contact it’s our breath shared in sync.

Comfort in my soul.

nearer than kin.

Not a dream but reality we share.

My man and his honey drizzled skin.



My vowes: On our Wedding Day.

Past time, space and the Suns Rays.

God forbid, till the Earth, Moon, and Sun pass away.

Only if the Sun refuses to shine.

If the Moon no longer reflects its rays.

When the Earth stops spinning and fostering life.

Then and only then, but still after a thousand years.

Would I start thinking of not loving you.

Through life and death.

After time clocks out.

In the grave, or up in the sky.

I’ll consider it a sin.

To cease from loving you.

This does include any and everything.

My love, I will stay true.

If I die and leave your hand.

Believe, my heart will stay in your hand.

To say you died, and left sooner than planned.

Do know, I won’t jump in the casket with you.

I’ll live each day in remembrance of you.

Never forgetting your gaze and the life that was taken.

Enjoying each day never forgetting you.

Your’ exhale my inhale.

Your sigh of relief my relief.

No better time spent than together, I reach.

Till God himself tells me its time to cease.

Telling me, I loved you to complete.

I love you past Adem and Eve.

From the begging of this thing called time.

In my mother’s womb, my development was for you.

Let me explain my hearts hierarchy.

It goes God, then you.




Hello, as everyone knows I really enjoy following prompts that I find on Pinterest.

This is a poem that I really like and I hope it moves every one of my readers. 🙂


Kissed her soul.

Hugged bravery down her spine.

Commanded time to unlay its hands.

Pleaded for her to stand.

Spoke of her existence as his core.

“Don’t you dare relinquish my hand.”

Gazzed deep within her eyes.

But all she did was lay.

Refusing to stand.

Abashed, he kissed her hand.

Caressing of her skin.

Throbbing for her heart.

Cupped his hands and rinsed them from his heart.

Mumbled his vows, “Till death do us part”.

Majestic, she stayed.

No longer in existence.

Just a morticians display

Prompt: write a poem in which the reason for the title is unapparent until the end.



Ascension: Cinnamon

Hellow, and greetings to all. I know the post of the week is late but all is well. And I hope its enjoyed.

A color poem is whats in mind.

This kind of poem is my own personal invention. One where every line includes a color.

This particular poem today is a man’s description of a woman.

I hope everyone is familiar with their colors.

It’s not really necessary, just ask google.

Without further ado:




Yes, tawny was her hair.

Syrupy, was her ting.

Mint was her air.

Cinnamon, are her eyes.

Walnut, etched cheekbones.

Ginger on her backbone.

And a brunette colored spine.


Mulberry twing, about her hips.

Boysenberry were her lips.

Tangerine, were her hands.

A sandstone brine, for her hind.

Spice, in between her thighs.

With a butterscotch undertone.

Had on a honeydew kind of dress.

With a brick house of a stance.

Arctic, was our view.

Candy was her tongue.

Marmalade, I sniffed her Perfume.

Honey was her touch.

Golden is her hue.

Lemon, she had much zest.

Fire etched her eyes.

Aries was her sign.