My vowes: On our Wedding Day.

Past time, space and the Suns Rays.

God forbid, till the Earth, Moon, and Sun pass away.

Only if the Sun refuses to shine.

If the Moon no longer reflects its rays.

When the Earth stops spinning and fostering life.

Then and only then, but still after a thousand years.

Would I start thinking of not loving you.

Through life and death.

After time clocks out.

In the grave, or up in the sky.

I’ll consider it a sin.

To cease from loving you.

This does include any and everything.

My love, I will stay true.

If I die and leave your hand.

Believe, my heart will stay in your hand.

To say you died, and left sooner than planned.

Do know, I won’t jump in the casket with you.

I’ll live each day in remembrance of you.

Never forgetting your gaze and the life that was taken.

Enjoying each day never forgetting you.

Your’ exhale my inhale.

Your sigh of relief my relief.

No better time spent than together, I reach.

Till God himself tells me its time to cease.

Telling me, I loved you to complete.

I love you past Adem and Eve.

From the begging of this thing called time.

In my mother’s womb, my development was for you.

Let me explain my hearts hierarchy.

It goes God, then you.



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