Gone, Lost and Out of Touch

For just a few moments is what it seemed.

I lost touch and taste sensory for life around me.

Circumstantially blind, still searching for entry to the other side.

Where I could hear the waters flow, laughter and a sense of heavens pride.

Why did I lose sight of the things in front of me? I cried.

I felt entitled to heavens wait list, no understanding of earning my placement.

I was willing to work for it, but no understanding of the life I’d signed up to live.

Gone and lost with the wind, following the latest news.

Like a hound, my nose stayed to the ground, trying to grasp the scent of the Holy Spirit.

I smelled freedom in the wind, wisdom in the trees and music from the steps left by my own feet.

Gone and lost was my intuition, to lend and listen to others senses for what they thought was wisdom.

So long as I wished them well, I could leave them with the scent of my loves farewell.

Now accepting the strength I have inside of me, from eating a different kind of meat that abides in me.

Checks and monies can’t buy the wealth that’s being deposited into me.

To give an undivided love; right now I just can’t give myself to someone, who hasn’t learned to say their daily thanks.

Not Just to me, but to God, their father and mother, thanks to their community, wisdom and true maturity.

To all the lustful souls, that longed to rob me blind of my shinny Golden Honey pot, “it’s mine”.

Attached to the scent of the Devine feminine womb, you can’t re-enter mines, longing to be reborn through time.

I’m a physician not a magic magician, my head is sound and I’ve always been anchored to the ground.

My inner peace won’t set you free, nestled in my calming spirit to escape your obvious raging sea.

I’ve been convinced that I’ve got the blood of a saint inside of me, because of the way these vampire’s with heartless souls, plunge their fangs deep inside of my veins.

When I was young I would sit back and watch them swallow my essence in vain.

I swore to never leave this earth hallow but sharpened to a point from the pain.

There were times, I felt waisted.

felt tainted and restricted from receiving past payments.

All along God always knew I would bound up my wounds and pray my blind self through.

Attach myself to the light, like a moth that can’t withstand the call, through the darkness of the night.

I beat myself almost senseless , pertending to be a muse,refusing to hold the mic, and speak from my point of view.

When I speak darkness turns to light, thunder rolls as lightening strikes by my side.

He fell, and my tears no longer ran, but my wheels and tires scorched by the heat of the sun, I burned them into the pavement as I began to run.

Have you ever lost what you just found?

Madness to think others do Voodoo to try and confuse you, and maneuver themselves next to you.

Lie’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner they serve you.

That’s why you cant eat from every hand that sticks itself out towards you.

This ain’t name it and claim it.

Can’t caste a big enough stumbling stone to hinder me receiving my payment. Because I don’t need my eyes to see, over, under or around me, your stones will be tossed and shaken off of me.

Under your own two feet, your traps will suddenly be.

Not even over my dead body, bad bacteria won’t ever grow upon me.

They think I’m a lost little kitten, who’s lost her mittens, beaten by the wind, but that’s a BigContradiction to what their actually seeing.

I’m sitting around and thinking “Is this reverse psychology the devil is trying on me?”

Get to stepping, Next. I say that shit with my chest for all the hyenas gathered around to hear.

There will always be vultures when a lioness goes for the hunt, but no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Wicked seed doesn’t have the ability to bear fruit inside of me.

I axed it from the root, times ten I don’t need saving my savior has never been aloof.

Around and forgiving sins to whomever his grace is given to.

What is it to you? When another is receiving steady love from the father above.

70×2 is the love God’s got in store for you.

Only tears of joy and laughter will pursue after you.

Saying “I missed her, she was supposed to be given double, I’ll double back for you”.

No longer mute, “the labor of the foolish weariereth everyone’s soul, because he knows not how to go to the city to find work.”

Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength and not for drunkenness!

By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answers all things.

With all thy getting get understanding before you be gone, lost and out of touch.

70×70 your God, lord of all heavens, looks down from heaven just to see you.

Watch heaven materialize on earth for your pleasure gives him pleasure, his will, will be done for you, while here on earth , as the kingdom of heaven is inside of you.

I’m gone, no longer lost and always in touch.

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