I’ll Be… Just Fine.

Since I liked your eyes,I sent my reply.

Since you liked my hair, I allowed you to stare.

I liked your eyes, I sent another reply.

I could pass on his feet, because they looked so beat.

Worn from all the places he’s been.

I said hello and that’s how it begins.

A simple reply just to pass the time.

Enjoying just letting go of time.

But time showed it’s face after just a few dates.

Foolish for me to imply, nonetheless I granted space.

Now it’s been over a months time,

Three full moons, symbolic this I know.

What it means, that I just don’t know.

If it was up to me, I’d know with surety and a shout.

No confusion or petty moments of doubt.

Together no, not ever. Ever since I replied I changed my fate.

I’d like to be considerate and more right and thorough. But no longer will I force myself , and just be true.

If I don’t feel it and neither do you.

Let’s just end this, and that’s what we’ll do.

That night was the last, a few moments before I knew.

Knew that I wanted to forget you.

Knew that I didn’t want you.

Knew that I wouldn’t continue to entertain you.

Knew that this wasn’t it, truely nothing against you.

I just knew that it wasn’t you.

I’d be a fool to continue pushing through. Blinded until I made the mistake of loving you.

No games as I don’t have the space for you.

Over it is and I wish the very best to you.

I know I was great, and I pray for myself to continue living this way.

Never bitter, beaten and cowering from love, friendship, bonds and ties all alike.

I’ll be just fine….

And so will you.

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